Anti Catholic Facebook rant by Jessa Duggar's boyfriend

I have a lot of thoughts on this but my concern is that if this is how he thinks this shows love and concern for Catholics, then I wonder what he thinks love is? Kinda curious what this kid thinks since the Duggars were pretty open in their support for Rick Santorum. Equally sad is that they go on mission trips to central and south America most likely to “convert” Catholics down there. It is always interesting that fundamentalist Christians are very quick to point out what they think is un-Biblical teaching of the Catholic Church yet fail to look at their own problems and heresies. Thoughts on this?

Out of all of the evildoers in the world whom you could denounce, you pick this guy? You don’t even know his name, just whose boyfriend he is. Out of all the threats to the Church, he ranks very, very low.

I’m glad this post is here because this is an issue for all of us. I’m 62, I was born and raised Catholic by a devout mother, but a father who thought God was for women and kids. To avoid fighting with him, we rarely went to church. In the 1960’s very few Catholics read the Bible. This seems to have changed. I gave up on God at 18, but at 28 God must have called me. I read the Bible. I was dismayed at all the things the Catholics changed. But I always considered Catholics true Christians. At 30 I was foolish and I thought all Christians agreed on everything. I was soo wrong. Here I am 30 years later and I’m aghast that Catholics and Protestants fight. I watch a lot of CNN news. We may soon be fighting Islam, and they don’t believe Jesus was the Son of God, and actually He is God Himself. They don’t believe He died for our sins. But all of us, Catholics and Protestants do. We need to settle our differences, because if ISIS attacks us, it may be too late. The Catholics say the various protestant groups interpret the Bible as a man sees fit, and this is true. But the Catholics did that too. So that argument cancels itself out. But we still all believe Jesus died for us. We have to hang on to that.

I personally think the Vatican deviated too much from the Bible. But the protestant groups can’t agree on what is right and what is wrong. Except for Jesus and His death for our sins. So again, hang onto that.

As I go back into Catholic churches after being away a long time, there are too many statues of Mary and other saints. There’s 1 of Jesus alone, as an adult, if we’re lucky. And it’s never on the alter as the main statue. There is also too much asking Mary and saints for favors, and not enough asking God and Jesus.

IF the protestants could get organized into 1 or even 2 groups, they should meet with a Vatican council to start working out our differences. With protestants, some believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, others call it of the devil. That’s just 1 issue.

With Catholics, some of Mary’s apparitions are deemed really her. Others are suspect. This is a serious concern. We all agree there is a devil, and we all agree he has been attacking the church of God for centuries, at least. Even Mary said Satan has infiltrated her sons’s church. Btw, Mary’s appearance in Fatima is what made me interested in this. Her appearances in Medjugorje also got me interested, but as far as I know the Vatican has not approved those.
I ask myself is it possible Jesus brought His mother to Heaven after the Bible was finished? It could be. Jesus is God and can do anything He wants to.

There are more issues than I know of. I’ll end with this. We are all Christians because we all believe God was born as a human to die for our sins.

Wow, there is so much misinformation and misperception in this, I wonder how you interpret the Bible for yourself at all

Hi geo17,
Hmmm. Let me ask you - - who do you think compiled the Bible? Who gave the Bible to the world? Yes, the Catholic Church. Who decided what books were in or out? Yes, the Catholic Church. (that is, until Luther came along and left out some books). So who are you to say the the Church “changed” things?!
As for statues, why are you “the decider” of which statues get to be in church or not? People have probably donated different statues over time, or different saints emphasize different aspects of Christian living. Maybe you should just enjoy re-acquainting yourself with our beautiful faith, and not feel like you have to be the judge of these things. : )

We need to settle our differences, because if ISIS attacks us, it may be too late.

There does need to be reunion, but it may well be that persecution is the heat that will make that weld possible.

Under persecution, to paraphrase Patrick Henry, it will be necessary to “hang together, or be hanged [or beheaded] separately”.


What’s really sad is that he doesn’t take the 10 minutes to find out what Catholics actually believe about the Blessed Mother.

All that is happening in the world - all the evil - and this man spits venom at fellow Christians. God help us.

Well said!:thumbsup:

I don’t understand why everyone loves the Duggars so much. They don’t like Catholics. Sure they tolerate us, but think we are damned… yep.

Sorry I watch the show, but I also see they are not as ‘perfect’ as everyone wants to claim they are.

I refuse to take anything seriously from a family that prostitutes itself on a reality show.

Does anyone really care about the inane ramblings of a D-list “celebrity”? :rolleyes:

You would be surprised how many do

I try to pray every day that those who are outside the Catholic faith, who already love Jesus and scripture, come to love Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and love our Blessed Mother as the Queen of Heaven.

Many hate the Church for what they mistakenly believe She teaches. May God’s grace call them to their true home. May he come to the Church and bring many family and friends with him! Glory to God.

And we wonder why the rest of the world hates America. :shrug:

It is of little concern to me what anyone who does not understand our Faith really says or thinks concerning it. If speaking to me directly I would correct the error, otherwise I think it is up to the lot of us to take that stance. He is obviously ill informed, which is sad.

Frankly, there is just too much policing of what everyone has to say these days. Used to be one could discuss and debate anything. Now if you offend someone they jerk your post off-line. Freedom of speech is being slaughtered in this country and no one seems to get it.

Sounds like the responses were super-charitable too.

Duggers - 0 Catholics - 0

My wife and I have an inside joke we use when absurdities like this arise, the sorts of things that no sane society would bother with (like arguing about the religious views of a random teenager).

I look sideways at her, raise an eyebrow and she says “Death to America!” (Relax Captain Patriot, it’s sarcasm). I frequently got the same vibe from Martin Basheer on the news when he had to report on vapid stories like that. The expression on his face almost said it without words. Silly, but fun. You gotta love inside jokes.

What he wrote doesn’t seem to be in the energy of an angry “rant”. Looks like he was simply saying what he doesn’t agree with and why and trying to support it.

Why do you say it’s “sad” if they try to convert Catholics and others to their faith?
Don’t Catholics try to do the same when they “evangelize”?


I don’t know anybody who “loves” the Duggars, or thinks they are “perfect”.
*Far *from. Quite the opposite.

Most people you know love them?


First of all, I didn’t call it an angry rant, I called it a rant. the UK article is a pretty tame analysis considering a number of the blogs out there. If it wasn’t controversial, I don’t think he would have taken it down. Knowing quite a bit about the followers of Bill Gothard and the quiver full movement which he and the Duggars are a part of, I would wager that he was forced to remove it because it makes them look bad. I personally consider stuff like this typical thoughtless young person behavior on the internet. Spouting off about something you know nothing about. Yet, the Duggars promote themselves as above average. Ben is a homeschooled in ATI like the Duggar’s children. That program doesn’t end in a high school diploma and these children are not encourage to go onto college. Ben basically and obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about and most likely will make no effort to try. This also shows some serious issues brewing behind this highly scripted reality show.

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