Anti-Catholic (film list)


Of concern to me are a number of films that portray anti-Christian and anti-Catholic themes. Whilst I don’t agree with the Catholic church and even argue against it, I believe that the general trend of these films is an attack on all Christianity.

Most will be aware of such recent films such as The Da Vinci Code and Kingdom of Heaven. A Catholic magazine I am a subscriber to “Annals” gives reviews of such things.

Are any aware of on-line Catholic or Christian reviews?

Is there are Catholic or Christian ‘rating’ for films?

I am a great film buff (I have over 900 titles on DVD). I appreciate the power of cinema and would not like to see families poisoned by anti-Christian films.

Note, when I say Catholic or Chrisitan it is not to say that Catholics are not Christian, but rather to talk about a specific Christian religion, or Christianity in general


The USCCB (I think they changed the acronym recently) has been rating movies for years. Here’s the link:

Some of them I have to wonder how closely they were watching, though…


There is this site:
Decent Films Guide (Steven D. Greydanus)

Also, you might want to check out Barbara Nicolosi’s website:

There’s a movie coming out soon you might want to see. It is called “Bella,” and you can read about it here:

Top 45 movies recommended by the Vatican (this is shown on the site Mirdath mentioned):


I always thought that The Opposite of Sex was anti-Chrisitan.

All but the Christian are portrayed sympathetically.


A great site for reviews is the film site They pull in reviews from about 5 or 6 different sources, each of which has a unique perspective.

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