Anti Catholic Merchandise

Landover Baptist Store

This one seems to be a lefty political site

I won’t even put the link to the “Catholic Girl gone bad” Thong! :frowning:

Cafepress is a company that puts your logos and stuff on items, and you get a cut of the profits, so they don’t make up the artwork, but they do reproduce it for anyone who pays. There is quite a bit of PRO Catholic Stuff on there. But these were pretty bad I thought.

This is sad. :frowning: Bill Donahue know about this?:banghead: That is so hateful!:mad:

I’m not sure who I’m more upset with, the horrible people who stick that garbage on buttons or the Priests who were entrusted with the care of the children they abused?

You are right. It’s very sad. :frowning:

That Landover Baptist site is bogus - a put on. Are you sure that merchandise isn’t just Phot-Shopped?

Yeah The Catholic League should go after these creeps. I bet they sell anti-semetic stuff too. I hope the ADL gets wind of them. E-mail CL with the links and he’ll get on 'em. Trash peddlars. :mad: :mad:

I meant “Photo- Shopped”; meaning, worked up on a computer?

Whoops, I just checked and it looks like that stuff is really available. Sorry. Alot of other nasty stuff, too. Really bad.

FYI Landover Baptist isn’t a Baptist site it’s anti-Christian.

[quote=Bruised Reed]FYI Landover Baptist isn’t a Baptist site it’s anti-Christian.

Exactly. I’m sure whatever “Baptist Central” office there might be (OK, I know that’s far-fetched) is doing whatever it can to get these people to STOP using the word “Baptist” – what a grotesque mockery. And we thought it was only Catholics who got hit.

These are offensive, and coming from a “Baptist”. These people should be ashamed.

How sick and demented! If that did that to Muslim’s there sure as heck would be retaliation!

Landover Baptist is a well known parody site. Don’t be too offended; they make fun of everyone (especially the Baptists).

Although the Landover site is phoney, CafePress is real. You send them your graphics and they advertise them on goods such as mugs, t-shirts, etc. If somebody orders something, CafePress makes one and ships it.

So that stuff really is for sale. The characters who do the Landover site really are offering it.

And, again, as stated above, they AREN’T Baptists; it’s an antichristian site.

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