Anti Catholic message in church

I like to church hop, with this current one, I became quite disturbed, for the pastor was referencing one of their members as a “recovering Catholic”, he mentioned this twice and proceeded to stand in the back of the church so people could watch the video being shown to them. I abruptly left, crucifix and bible in hand, and mentioned to him that I’m a visiting Catholic and didn’t appreciate the comments he made.

He followed me out of the church and apologized, I was so upset, I was shaking, and of course, I accepted his apology, after we chatted a little bit, I calmed down and hung out for the rest of the service.

The lesson learned here, there is “nothing” to recover from, from the Catholic church. The misconception many protestants, and even too many Catholics get into, is thinking that in order to be Catholic, you must maintain a sense of self loathing and guilt, this absolutely is not supposed to be the case at all, in fact, just the opposite if you are getting the messages being taught to you correctly. The reality of it all, that person was recovering from their misconception, not the true church and what it stands for.

Why are you Church hopping for starters?

God Bless!

During my time as a fallen-away Catholic, I went to so many churches. I was once at a Baptist church and the pastor was walking around before the service and trying to greet everyone. He came to my friend (a Baptist) and I and asked us about ourselves. I told him that I grew up Catholic and he looked as though he vomited in his mouth and swallowed it back down. He looked at me like I was a leper. Needless to say, his sermon was actually pretty silly (even to my Baptist friend). He actually karate kicked the air a couple of times to add emphasis to what he was saying.

He stopped me on my way out and asked me if I had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I said “Yes, a long time ago.” He looked at me as if he didn’t believe me. I didn’t go back, neither did my friend.

I had good and bad experiences at the different Protestant churches I went to. I was called a recovering Catholic once at a non-denominational “Bible Church”. The pastor was actually really friendly about it and said, “Hey, let me introduce you to another recovering Catholic!” :shrug:

It’s 6pm, Vancouver Wa. Sunday, google up some results there, that was the reason I showed up there in the first place, it was the only thing open and circumstances prevented me from attending another church service I was wanting to check out instead. I church hop because I enjoy fellowship with Protestants “and” Catholics. It’s interesting seeing how others worship and really cool seeing the similarities. I get a great deal of inspiration from these as well, some have very much impressed me.

I’m going to try and hit the Church of Christ church next weekend, it’s just a stones throw away, likely on Saturday. Also, I talked to their minister a couple of weeks ago and we were like two peas in a pod, so this should be a fun visit.

“Similar” means “of the same kind.”

What is of the same kind as the Body and Blood of Christ that you would find in a Protestant church?

Never draw me into a debate, question match, or any other thing that could potentially create controversy between Catholics and Protestants. That was a baited question and you know it.

Actually, if you’re Catholic, I think it’s a perfectly honest thing to wonder about.

My cousin has been struggling with his faith. But he has not hopped from church to church. He still feels that the Catholic Church is the True Church and thinks it would only confuse him if he were to go elsewhere during this time.

He couls use our prayers too BTW. :slight_smile:

Camron, it’s the nature of online forums, I have already seen where the thread would be taken “including it being off topic”, and it would only result in a negative impact, so I’m wise enough to know, it’s a loaded question.

If your cousin is struggling, yes, very much don’t add confusion onto it, my incentive would take us again off topic.

I agree, we should pray for him. :slight_smile:

I must be missing the point for I don’t see how using the term “recovering Catholic” is anti-Catholic. If anything I would be more upset about the Priest driving home the point that this one member was being labeled or possibly embarrassed in front of the parish. The term I find anti-Catholic is “cafeteria catholic” as a default description for a liberal.

One can be recovering from sick Catholicism and still be Catholic. I discovered that the sickness in the Catholicism which I practiced most of my life had more to do with its contamination with Mormonism. I was raised in an area with a significant Mormon influence. Once I separated the two, I know where my recovery comes from.


However, the context is that of anti-Catholicism. And that is much more of a problem in this country than anti-Mormonism. One is free to express anti-Catholic sentiments nearly everywhere. Bad things happen to people who express sentiments critical of Mormonism, in some areas of this country.

As for your church-hopping, why expose yourself needlessly to such offensive comments? Come home.

On the topic, I am sorry you had this experience. Billions have been saved by hearing the message of Christ, and receiving His sacraments, in the CC.

When my son was in 8th grade, we chose to put him in a local Catholic school for a semester. He came home one day and said the preist had said that only Catholics can go to heaven. He was concerned about this, and we explained things to him and he was fine.

Sometimes people say things off-the-cuff when they think it is safe, never intending to offend. It is one of those times we should ask forgiveness.


This is a valid question.
What are you Church hopping?

This is a valid question.
What are you Church hopping?

IMO, these “recovering Catholics” are like teenagers who are unhappy with themselves. They’re too immature to accept the responsibility for their personal faults, and they’re too immature to accept that they do, and will always, have faults, so they blame their parents and family. In the case of a “recovering Catholic”, she blames the Church.

If you can blame the Church for all that is wrong with you, you don’t have to take responsibility. You can run to strangers who will gladly accept your excuses and your version of what your family (church) is, so long as it makes them heroic and superior. They become your savior and are happy to believe any horrible thing you say about your former family (Church), because it validates their self-worth.

The unhappy person gets to play victim, and the new family gets to play savior. It’s all bogus, but everyone is happy in their self-deluded ignorance.

Sooner or later, many of these people come home.

What you are doing is a SIN. Catholics should not visit places of false worship–and must certainly never participate–unless for a serious reason, like a wedding or funeral.

apparently, your son misunderstood…

I have confronted even ex-Mormons on this. Suggested applying 12 Steps to “Recovery” You would be amazed about how quickly they mellow out. :thumbsup:

At 13, I’d say he did. That’s why I explained it to him.


I mean, I do not think a priest would ever say “only Catholics go to heaven”, but what if it were true? :rolleyes: Did you explain purgatory to him?

Oh, I see. Maybe so, but that was the impression he got at the time. It was about 15 years ago, so I don’t remember the entire conversation, or whether the discussion of purgatory ever came up. I know we talked about different teachings.
I do recall that a couple of the nuns were, I believe, phillipino (sp?), and he and some of the other kids at times had difficulty understanding them. :stuck_out_tongue: I just told him to try harder. :wink:

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