Anti-Catholic(?) Message Spray Painted on School


I teach at a Catholic High School and was led to this site while seeking answers about words that were spray painted on the exterior walls of the school. The message is a foot tall in bright magenta and reads " crimine solicitationeas" . We are all at a loss as to WHY someone would do this and what it implies?
Any ideas?


A google search led me to the following archived thread on this site:

Catholic Answers Forums > Archive > Archive > Benedict XVI: 2005 “Crimine Solicitationies”?

Think it helps decodes what could be meant.


Check this out:

I think that pertains to it. At first I thought it was strange that vandals could spray paint in Latin, till I noticed that the second word was mis-spelt.

I’m guessing this is just anti-Catholicism from people who are idiotic enough to think that the priestly abuse thing is widespread. It isn’t; it’s quite rare, but I guess we can’t expect much logic coming from these bizarre people anyway.


I don’t know latin, but googling a bit turns up a lot of hits for this spelling: Crimen sollicitationis.


Thanks for the information. We all feel a little threatened. I think I mispelled it! It is is “criminia solicitationease” if that changes its meaning? It is also followed by the word SORRY.


Thanks for the information. Your correct spelling “Crimine Solicitationies” led to a website that seems to explain the issue involved. The fact that the message is followed by the spray painted word “SORRY” implies a request for an apology from the Church regarding sex abuse cases. A google search of Father Tom Doyle provides some insight…


I certainly hope it has been reported to the local authorities. Law enforcement agencies collect data such as this in case there is a pattern. Criminal activity must be reported… they will assist you in determining the meaning.
God bless you~


If Catholic children had to study Latin, they would not commit the howlers they do. Here it is spelt properly:

*]crimen sollicitationis[/LIST]The crime of solicitation is committed when a priest uses the confessional in order to tempt a female penitent to become his mistress.

The plural is
*]crimina s.[/LIST]
Hope that helps :slight_smile:


YES ! The police are investigating.


I,m sorry, I know this is serious, but is anyone else reminded of the graffiti scene in “Life of Brian”?
“Romanes eunt domus”


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