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Just wondering if your local paper seems to be increasingly anti-Catholic? Ours has never been really on the side of religion, but lately seems to be attacking the Church not only through articles, but by portraying Catholic candidates in an unfavorable manner (Rick Santorum dressed as a Franciscan complaining about naked savages and linking it to Obamas Health plan for women.

We don’t have a large Catholic population, but this local cartoonist seems to be doing more and more of this. Is anyone else experiencing this too in their paper, particularly Sundays?

I’ve written several “letters to the editor” complaining about it but they haven’t published them. Now, I’ve let them know that I am canceling my subscription.

I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this and if so what are you doing about it? I’d like to get a petition going, but don’t know how to go about it

Our paper seems to write about what the Church is doing constantly and usually puts a negative spin on the teachings of the Church. (sometimes to the extent of misrepresentation.) They even manage to portray positive things in a negative light. For example, “Children at so and such parish school raised $5000 to adopt a zoo animal. When asked his opinion, neighbor, John Doe said, 'Well, at least they’re doing something good.”

None of you have experienced an anti-Catholic newspaper until you have read the New York Times on a daily basis. They are for New York City fashionably anti-Catholic.
Their over all attitude toward the Church is that only the unsophisticated and un-educated believe in it, and if there is any scandal, it is front page news, while almost anything else is buried in the interior. They particularly delight in anti-Catholic “think” pieces by their editorial staff who get by-line coverage for such articles.
The New York Daily News is not far behind, except they like our new Cardinal Dolan because he is a wit and is amusing.
The New York Post is the fairest of the lot towards the Church.

The USA Today is another web site that I consider hostile to Catholics. I have spent plenty of time there defending our faith. During this time they have banned other Catholics and made changes to the site making it harder to defend Catholicism.


The USA Today is another web site that I consider hostile to Catholics. I have spent plenty of time there defending our faith. During this time they have banned other Catholics and made changes to the site making it harder to defend Catholicism.


Hmmmmmmmm… Write letters to the editor. Fight back. Cancel your subscriptions. Encourage others to do so as well. Fight back with your wallet.

Sorry, but I love our local paper.

The publisher is Catholic. He attends Sunday Mass, his wife teaches Sunday School and his kids are in CYO.

I am hard pressed to find anything anti-Catholic in the paper.

Why would you be sorry about that? I don’t think anyone looks forward to lies about their church being dropped on their doorstep. I think my local paper tried to be pro-Catholics while also being anti-Catholic religion. They started making statements that real Catholics don’t believe in what the church teaches far before it was a fashionable deception.

People do write letters to the editor and they do publish them, but it doesn’t seem to do much in the way of encouraging the reporters to portray the Church in a positive light. On the other hand, they do seem to write about us constantly. Apparantly, how many people eat fish fry at Holy Infant is big news, along with the bishop’s plan to increase enrollment in Catholic schools, and what color they’re going to paint the steeple at St. Francis.

Maybe you should cancel your subscription, but don’t stop writing letters to the editor…keep writing the same letters until they beg you to stop. And make sure, by the way, that the papers are not throwing out your submissions due to formatting concerns like spelling and grammatical errors or excessive length. Newspapers are extremely strict about length requirements, since space is highly demanded, and highly limited.

Sorry that others have to deal with anti-Catholic papers.

I’ve had more problems dealing with an anti-religious cartoonist then even the anti-Catholic articles. He portrayed Santorum as a Franciscan ogling a little boy’s body, and it seems that many people think that way because of the scandals in the Church.

This particular cartoonist has a page on Facebook so I also went there and posted a comment deriding his anti-Catholic cartoon and I got comments back saying “it was only a cartoon and satire” and I just didn’t understand it as I took it as Catholic bashing.

I have written “letters to the editor” about his cartoons and have had them published, but the hate mail I get online (particularly from same sex advocates) is troubling. I don’t answer them back, but I do pray for them although it’s hard. Since last Sunday’s Gospel Jesus was telling us to “love our enemies” I did comment on Facebook that I was saying a Rosary for the cartoonist. Now I really know what Jesus meant.

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