Anti-Catholic Preacher -- Nothing New in Oregon

This report on a vehemently anti-Catholic preacher offers insight into him as well as into one brand of person who has been assailing Catholicism for a long time.

Is there a reason that he dresses like he is an administrator on a forum on Reddit?

While he gets the church and saints wrong. He gets a lot right.
Would love to see CAF posters outside strip clubs preaching repentance.
But no, I guess words are never necessary…

There is nothing new under the sun. This comment from the article is at least honest.

"“I do have a vendetta against Catholics.” Join the club “dude.”

And the gates of hell will not prevail against it comes to mind.


I pray he will keep searching for truth.

One of the problems with the “anti-religion” or “anti-institution” Christianity is that it does not reflect the faith as handed down even in scripture. The Christian Faith is a faith of community.

In the circles where a “personal relationship” is held as the highest standard, people are actually placing themselves at risk of being taken out by the enemy. Satan’s uses the tool of separation to distance us from God and each other. What these well meaning but mal-formed Christians are doing is socializing a tool of our enemy, that of isolation as a normal practice.

Their anger is over their loss of political power that they once had. Now the country is controlled by neocon jews and italian liberal-pseudo catholics (Cuomo is a good example of this brand).

I’m a Catholic that has a personal relationship with Jesus. My Church encourages it and many days, it is what sees me through.

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