Anti-Catholic rhetoric

I was raised Catholic and graduated from a Catholic University where at that time you were required to take theology classes taught mostly by Ph.D. priests.

Although I am not now a practicing Catholic, I occasionally attend mass and I have friends who are priests and some of my family are Catholic, as are many of my friends.

I find vitriolic anti-Catholic rhetoric quite disturbing.

I wrote the article linked to below to express my disgust at a certain website, (Edited) .com, that promotes anti-Catholic rhetoric. Pertaining to my comments on homophobia, I believe homosexuality is sinful behavior and I do not support gay marriage, but I detest homophobia.


Here is the thread at (Edited).com that is most offensive with respect to anti-Catholic rhetoric:


Note the recent post (#7742) by Jackson123 that says “so I believe Vatican behind the ISIS.”

Also please note, that despite the similarity in names, Jackson123 is not to be confused with me.

My question is this: What could/should be done to discourage such anti-Catholic rhetoric?

Other than another Inquisition?

Engage them and fight back. However this doesn’t always work. I would say thou that one must truly believe what we believe to be able to defend the faith with all his heart and soul. Otherwise it just becomes a argument to win. which you wont with people as you are experiencing. You cant fight an opinion held with bigotry and hate. I have much experience in dealing with these types of people and few come around to a better understanding of the church and its teachings. You can flat out spell it out for them and they will reject it. this doesn’t mean you don’t fight but realize that the outcome wont be what you want it to be. All you can do is hope to plant a seed.

These people are not interested in truth, fairness, or educating themselves. They have already decided that Catholic=bad, so any statement that supports that pre-concluded conclusion is taken as reality. Don’t waste time and effort casting your pearls before this bunch. Their own minds are closed and their rhetoric is too nonsensical to be taken seriously by any truth-seeking person.

For some people this kind of stuff is virtually a hobby. They can only be ignored. And another “inquisition” would only play into their hands.

I don’t see how believing in a young earth is ‘anti-science’. The methodologies used to date organic and non-organic matter is not science to begin with!

It is pointless to go to anti-Catholic website to argue with them about anything. Their hatred is deeply engrained and dependent on their skewed beliefs. You’ll only “cast your pearls before swine” as Jesus said. He meant by that that those not disposed to hear the truth will not accept it. They’ll turn on you for trying to point out their errors and challenging them may even drive them deeper into their private hell of hate. Pray for them instead, and pray for us all, poor sinners that we are. :slight_smile:

The Church certainly agrees that no person, no matter his sexual orientation or his sin, should be treated with less dignity than anyone else. We’re all poor sinners in need of redemption in God’s eyes no matter what sin we are committing. We can’t say what eternal fate any one person may have since we cannot know how culpable anyone is of their sins, whatever they may be. We cannot judge anyone on that basis, but we can assert that sexual sins, no matter what they are, are evil. That we all struggle against some besetting sin is a given due to our fallen state. So, we must be loving but firm when dealing with sins that have become socially acceptable. G. K. Chesterton, great Catholic apologist and wit, wrote: “Break the conventions, keep the commandments.” Perfect advice for us all.

Get used to it. It’s really nothing new. (Ever hear of the “Know Nothings” or the KKK?)

The intarweb allows for a lot more hogwash to flow downhill to those who are willing to believe such craziness…like the allegation that the Vatican is behind ISIS which parallels some of Jack Chick’s comic book propaganda. You can find a very useful expose and refutation of that sort of stuff in the link to the following CA white paper.
The Nightmare World of Jack T. Chick

There are others out there like Mike Gendron and Brannon Howse just to name a couple. Stick around here and you’ll learn to handle all this kind of tripe with facts, scripture, and Christian charity.

Several good sources are listed below.
The Protestant’s Dilemma

Bible Christian Society

Beginning Apologetics series


Loving those who hate you always works. Putting yourself last always works. Praying for your enemies always works.

Ignoring detractors and going about my life has always worked for me.



Loving those who hate you always works. Putting yourself last always works. Praying for your enemies always works.

Ignoring detractors and going about my life has always worked for me.

John spoke at my parish. He is pretty polemic in his own right.



Our Lord Jesus Christ said we would be hated because of Him.

We combat this with prayer and the sacraments, which enables us to love our enemies.

Kick the dust from your feet and move on from those who do not engage in true dialogue.

If we claim to know better and recognize we have the gift of faith to believe everything the Church teaches in faith and morals, and act on it, then we can be Christ for others. And, we will have His deep peace.

For some reason I’m suspecting a wee bit of a wind up is ongoing here…

Where do you get your science from?

Museums like the Smithsonian and Carnegie or Ken Ham’s Creation Museum?

There is absolutely nothing in any reputable peer-reviewed scientific journal supporting a young earth.

Dating methods are reasonably accurate. The places you are going to find an argument about that for the most part are Young Earth Creationist cult propaganda machine websites like Answers in Genesis et al.

The Catholic Church does not take a dogmatic approach on the matter, but it is obvious that recent Popes support mainstream science, which includes an old earth and evolution. Evolution subject to certain constraints such as God created the human and the human soul.

Obviously, Jack Chick is a flat out liar.

That’s quite the lengthy expose on his nonsense.

What I find somewhat amusing is that he is a KJV ONLYIST who says that Jesus and the Apostles never used or quoted from the Septuagint (LXX). The translators of the KJV of 1611 themselves said in the Preface that Jesus and the Apostles did use the Septuagint.

In my opinion it’s best to ignore it. When you read things like “the Vatican is behind ISIS” that is a very good indication that they pretty much made up their minds and it’s highly unlikely they will listen to anything you say. The more you respond to it the more you feed it. Don’t feed it.

It is actually quite easy, grow in the faith, love the faith, and attack with them with knowledge.

Just make sure that you know the right arguments though. The Vatican being behind ISIS isn’t one of them… you can’t use facts to fight a fiery tale.

I have found that this site has a Wealth of information… and any objection or question to the faith after studying it makes me wiser and makes me love the faith more.

Well…there are others like him and not all of them use the KJB, but the point is that he too alleged that the Jesuits were behind Islam, which is historically complete nonsense.

I have found that the most extreme a-Cs are often the same ones who make the most baseless, specious, and polemical attacks on our most holy faith.

One of the things that I often use in these situations is to show factually their errors and then point out that if their source, whether an author, preacher, friend or relative is that wrong then 1. What else are they wrong about? 2. Why listen to them anymore?

All this with a smile and Christian charity. :slight_smile:

The Jesuits behind Islam.??? Pretty obvious someone’s jumped the shark.

Yes, I agree.

Most of these Catholic bashers, at least at (Edited).com, are fundie Young Earth Creationists who preach an Earth around 6,000 years old, that dinosaurs coexisted with humans, and that there was a global flood around 4,400 years ago. This is based upon their literal interpretation of the Bible and Bishop Ussher’s chronology.

An interpretation of the Bible is one thing, but these YECs make a huge mistake when they attempt to prove that their interpretation is correct with science. They distort and misrepresent science and even blatantly lie. Like they do about Catholics.

Why would you listen to such people?

Obviously many do.

Oh yeah…one other source I forgot is Radio Replies | Catholic Apologetics Online | Rumble & Carthy. Outstanding source…

CA has a condensed version in its online shop that is very handy.

YEs are a mess because their science is counter to facts, much the same way as Geocentrists are.

I have a great book by that I highly recommend.
Chance or Purpose? Creation, Evolution and a Rational Faith

Oct 25, 2007 by Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn

We need to take seriously our Lord Jesus Christ’s words to pray for our enemies. They have been deceived. We don’t want the evil one to win their souls.

I need to allow the Lord to sanctify me.

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