Anti-Catholic SDA radio sermon

Just listened to a rambling sermon on the way to work. One topic he touched on was hoe the doctrine of immaculate conception of Mary was part of the Satanic influence in the Catholic Church. He also said that Catholic miracles, such as Fatima, are part of end times work of the Devil. The he went on to talk about the occult and how bad the group Black Sabbath is.

Message of Hope with Brother Lyle was the show

You should try another radio station.

What was that thing Jesus said when people said He was casting out demons in the name of demons?


I would vote for the SDA being the most anti Catholic denomination out there given my conversations with some of them.

I always laugh when I hear people describe the Pope as the anti-christ or that the Church is the beast of Revelation or the pope’s hat is the mark of the beast 666. We must also teach our kids that such beliefs are absurd at best and lies at worst.
There is just no way that the Catholic Church that believes in the Trinity and baptizes in the trinity is somehow the anti-christ or against God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as talked about in the bible.

I think it’s funny how some of these denominations waste so much time and energy attacking Christ’s Universal Church/Catholicism. Why all the hate/fear?

They SAY that they’re trying to save souls, and keep people from error; but is that REALLY what’s going on?

The Catholic Church is the New York Yankees of Christianity. As a Red Sox fan, it pains me to say that, but it’s true. Can ANYONE match our theology, our history, or our TRUTH…? No, no, and no. The Church is the biggest, oldest, and most accurate form or Christianity out there; and I think that on some level, many of these people know it.

However, these people won’t admit to what so many open-minded non-Catholics have found out on their own: that the Church is CHRIST’S CHURCH. If they did, they would have to admit that they were wrong, endure the “shame” of conversion, and probably have to relinquish a profitable minsitry.

These people make such a scene, it distracts their followers from looking deeper, and keeps them in business.

I wonder if the radio personality commented on how Ellen Gould White’s name adds up to 666 in Roman numeral form? Likely not… :rolleyes:

Ellen = L+L=100,
White=a double ‘U’ = 2 ‘V’s +1 =11.
Total these three numbers, and we have, 100 + 555 + 11 = 666.

My girlfriend is a SDA, at the beginning of our relationship she would say that we as Catholics were wrong for changing the sabbath, that we were wrong bc church was just an hour, that we were committing idolatry, and baptizing infants were wrong. She had more stuff but that was those were the major ones.

So I started doing my research, we were reading the Bible, as time went along, she said my church allows women to get contraception. I said that’s not biblical. Each time we would read a verse that stated how God wanted somebody to multiply and have a lot of family, I would tell her see, contraception forbids you to multiply. Her response was well they never preach it from the pulpit, I told her but the fact that your church allows it, it is not biblical. So we kept reading, and here in the forums, a former SDA put a up a thread about SDA. I told him about their stance on contraception, he replied, that’s nothing. Well the SDA church allows for abortion. The way they worded made me sick. Basically if the baby in the womb is sick according to the doctors, a woman can pray to the Holy Spirit and they can have an abortion after praying. I told my girlfriend about it and she was shocked, she couldn’t fight anymore.

The other day I told her look you need to make a decision. I showed her in the bible how Mary didn’t have more kids, things that they teach, I showed her how Mary is the ark of the New Testament. But before showing her this I read to her Luke 16:10-13 which states, he who is faithful to the small stuff is faithful on the big stuff. He who is unfaithful in the small stuff will be unfaithful in the big stuff. My gf is very sensitive, so she cried after I was showing catholic truths on the Bible only.

She then told me, idk that SDA church is teaching the truth anymore, but idk if I can ever be catholic bc I don’t feel it in my heart. I told her, Hun, you love God let him guide you.

SDA members need to understand that their in a church that teaches hate and lies.


Good for you for sharing your faith with your girlfriend. “Pie” was a non-Catholic as well who took several years of understanding and contemplation before she entered the Church. She is now a wonderful Catholic and she even painted my avatar. Faith is a journey and it can take time for one to convert. Best thing that you can do is to continue to share your faith with your girlfriend, and pray for her. If you can, take her to Church with you, and … IMHO, share the understanding of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Share with her the writings of the Early Church Fathers, those closest in time to the apostles…use the website here for their references.

On contraception, you can also share with her that the pill is listed as an abortifacient in its third means of preventing pregnancy…it destroys life, it does not simply prevent it. Both are evil and are counter to the Word of God.


On contraception I had an upper leg bc I’m a paramedic, I told her, Hun, contraception has been linked to women dying of strokes but mainly pulmonary embolism. I told her, if we think that drugs like marijuana, cocaine, speed, ecstasy is wrong bc it kills, contraception does the same thing, plus your going against Gods will for us to be open to life. She had no defense for it she was cornered.

I also told her about the eucharist, it has been a major topic. I know that when we read in the Old Testament and it talks about how they had to eat the lamb, I say, Hun, do they eat a real lamb or a symbol of the lamb. She stares at me knowing that her beliefs don’t add up. When I told her about how Mary is the ark, I told her remember Jesus said I am the bread, remember God is everywhere, it’s not our job to understand how he can be in the Eucharist, our job is to believe that he is the bread and wine,bc he said so.

I’d also add a higher rate of cancer. I am pretty much convinced that my sister in law developed breast cancer because of the pill.

I also told her about the eucharist, it has been a major topic. I know that when we read in the Old Testament and it talks about how they had to eat the lamb, I say, Hun, do they eat a real lamb or a symbol of the lamb. She stares at me knowing that her beliefs don’t add up. When I told her about how Mary is the ark, I told her remember Jesus said I am the bread, remember God is everywhere, it’s not our job to understand how he can be in the Eucharist, our job is to believe that he is the bread and wine,bc he said so.

If she is willing to read a bit, have her read Brandt Pitre’s book on Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist. There is also a 45-60 minute CD available which is excellent. You can google both. He explains why the early Jewish Christian converts readily believed in the Real Presence. And then read John 6…over and over… the bible is SO clear and Jesus didn’t correct anyone when they left him because of his teaching. It still is a hard thing to understand.


I think her main concern as well as other SDA members, especially her generation which her parents became SDA after leaving the CC, that she doesn’t want to turn her back against them. I told her look you don’t have to pay the broken dishes for what your parents did. You can see what your church teaches contradicts the Bible. I hope and pray for her conversion.

Coming from a group who’s prophet openly taught that Jesus was a “conditional creature Christ”…
…And that Jesus was a free moral agent that could have sinned and been eternally annihilated by ‘God’.
…And that God the Father eternally had a body of “flesh” complete with all the human organs.

Besides that lets see: Jesus pre-existed as Michael the archangel and got into a war with Lucifer the archangel…

I wouldn’t put too much stock into the theological affirmations made by the SDA’s.

For me it was my first glimpse into Anti-Catholicism by a Christian preacher. I’ll tune into lots of Christian speakers on the various Christian stations, one of which is a SDA station. I’ve always liked the SDA because of their interest in healthy living.

This particular preacher was not very inspirational, and went from one negative thing to another. When he said that the Fatima miracle was done by Satan to fool people, as explained by some end-times verse in Revelation, I was dumbfounded.

But then again, the SDA teach that God put the dinosaur bones there to test peoples faith in the Biblical literal reckoning of time, which the SDA think is quite short, just a few thousand years.

Another important point he made was that Catholics and other Satanically influenced people, didn’t believe in death, but that people went into another plane after death. It sounded like SDA don’t believe in the afterlife. :shrug:

Chero, is she a vegetarian? Does she eat fish? Curious I am. Have you discussed 1 Timothy 4 below regarding the abstinence from foods? Verse 4 is pretty clear too…

4 Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by giving heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, 2 through the pretensions of liars whose consciences are seared, 3 who forbid marriage[a] and enjoin abstinence from foods** which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. 4 For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving; 5 for then it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.


They place much emphasis on healthy living which is IMHO one of the good things they do.

Pretty much any miracle outside of those miracles they claim took place inside their own denomination…
…Are discounted as Satanic tricks which hinder others from joining the SDA Church.
…Thus the Devil has a vested interest in throwing out these false miracles so as to continue his hold on people.

I haven’t heard of that one before and would like to add it to my growing list of their off-the-wall theological oddities…
…Do you have a source for this affirmation of theirs? I would love to get something I can point folks toward.

They believe that at the death of the body God “knocks out” or renders the soul of the deceased unconscious…
…i.e. someone dies than God gives a swift upper-cut to the soul of the individual, knocking it out totally.
…Subsequent to that knock-out punch the dead persons soul enters a type of “soul sleeping”.

The soul, according to SDA’s remains totally unconscious until the Resurrection of the body…
…At which point Jesus, operating as Michael the archangel shouts and wakes the unconscious souls up.
…As soon as they are slid into the resurrected bodies.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the same thing or something so similar it might as well be the same thing.

A friend of mine sent her son to a SDA school here locally when he was middle school age. They have nice schools that have small classes, and she liked that even though she was not a practicing Christian. Her son was told that God put dinosaur bones there to tempt people from disbelieving the Biblical reckoning of time, as described in Genesis.

It may have been in response a question he posed regarding the dinosaur bones. It may have been only one teachers hypothesis, or she may have been quoting official teaching, but I do know that he was told that.

I’ll check it out and thanks for sounding off!
…If I find something I will be sure to post it:)

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