Anti-Catholic site: Who would write such lies?!


One day I was on this other video game forum when the subject of Sin and Forgiveness came up. Some guy started saying that being a Catholic was being evil, and I ended up getting into an argument with him. I told him to actually do some research on the subject before saying anything, when he told me to do research on my own religion and gave me this site (all of his infomation came from this site):

The website in question

I can’t believe the author of this website! He is so biased and twists the bible, calling Catholics Satanists and Antichrists! This is very long, but you can just read some and see how it’s attacking us and the Pope with such lies! Those pictures they had with an upsidedown cross were probably photoshoped (and it wouldn’t be so hard to do that) and the pictures of the young priests laying on the floor was definitly not of them worshipping Pope John Paul. They were probably being ordained! Why lie so much??? I felt like I was arguing with Satan that night, him trying to get me farther away from God… Scary…


Umm … couldn’t see any pictures on the site. If they are referring to an upside down CROSS (without a corpus) they are actually accurate - it’s the symbol of St Peter, who was crucified upside down according to tradition.

An upside down CRUCIFIX (with a corpus on it) would be a Satanic symbol.


It was just a cross (knew it sas the sign of Saint Peter), but the kid I talked to said it was Satanic. It just bothers me how some person can just be so manipulative… The whole “Letters adding up to 666” thing isn’t so special… Ceasar Nero’s name added up to 666, but no one cares. 666 and 616 was a very common name-sum-thingy… (don’t know what it’s really called)


If you search through the website a little more, the author also seems to claim that Bush and Blair conspired to create the Sept. 11 and July 7 terrorist attacks. I think that anyone who seriously reads this website will see right through the lies and pity the author who is so full of hate. (And as for 666, I don’t know how it all works, but I have heard that one of the other names it can be equated to is Luther.)


It’s just another Anti-Catholic propaganda. All of the truth is twisted to suit the web owner’s hidden agenda.


What site were u on?


If you to just any anti-w/e site info is twisted and distorted

Here’s another for a good laugh or you can visit Jack Chicks site


Martin Luther’s full name adds up to 666 - he started the revolt that will lead to the worship of Antichrist.

They will also reject the Catholic Doctrine of the Eucharist - 666 (John 6:66! Those who rejected Christ’s teaching left Him just as the Reformers left the Church!) - 666 = the number of the beast- 666 = rejection of the Eucharist - abolition of the Holy Mass by Luther and the Protestant Reformers.

So they can bite on those private interpretations and speculations for a while:)


I see the site still clings to the false “Vicarious Filii Dei” thing (which is bad Latin in the first place, as my seminarian friend tells me).


Hi Lonely Angel! :wave: (and Hi to you all!)

It’s a Seventh Day Adventist site and about typical of this propaganda except that “POGM” is a bit more vitriolic than the “average” anti-Catholic.

The vast majority of it is either intentional misrepresentation or outright lies that either take very little research to refute or are as unrefutable as any off-the-wall conspiracy theory because they consist of assertions and allegations without substantiating sources or facts.

One quote that I thought was interesting was this:

Before investigating the prophetic symbols that describe the characteristics of Antichrist, we need to understand that the Word of God tell us how to define symbols in prophecy. 2 Peter 1:20 says that, “…no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” According to the Word, Christians are told not to give our own opinion of what a prophetic symbol means. We must allow the Word of God to define it’s own symbols. Our private interpretations are useless. Truth is, there are 404 verses in the book of Revelation. Were you aware that out of those 404 verses, 278 of them carry the bulk of the prophetic message of that book? Did you know that all 278 of those verses can be found almost word for word in all the other books of the Bible? In other words, THE BIBLE DEFINES ITSELF PERFECTLY! Don’t let anyone give you their “opinion” or “interpretation.” Let the Word define the Word! That’s an easy way to expose false teachers. Just hear what they say, and then open a Bible and see if what they say matches up with what the Lord says regarding a certain symbol.

Why? Because they pull 2nd Peter 1:20 out of context and then use it to base their private interpretation of the symbols that they speak of. IOW, they tell us to apply it to everyone else, but don’t do so themselves.

Another messed up point is that they consider the whole book of Revelation to be prophetic, when in fact some of it is visionary of past events. (Case in point, Chapter 12 which switches back and forth from visions of the past to prophetic vision all over the place, making it confusing.) That’s the way both Daniel and St. John saw things though and we know they are inspired canon because the early church confirmed them as such.

The SDA has a long history of vitriolic hatred for our most holy faith and you can give yourself a massive migrane reading their stuff. I once spent a couple of days marking up the margins of a copy of “The Great Controvery” by Ellen G. White and got through about the first 5 chapters (having made my notes in red ink) before I said “forget this garbage” and tossed it in the nearest round file. The fact is that most of the stuff is rhetorical nonsense and either very bad scholarship or flat out lies. (Yes, I’m being nice here…)

The best answer to all this kind of stuff is to simply know why you believe what you believe, and there are many good sources for that can help. One of the best I have found is The Beginning Apologetics Series and is a GREAT value for the little bit it costs. That and a couple of highliters and you’ll be in pretty good shape. Also John Martignoni’s Bible Christian Society has great MP3 Bible studies and links to the notes to them as well as other resources. You can’t go wrong.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


If you think that site is bad, read this one:

This one claims Pope Benedict will change his name.


Question: Who would write such lies?
Answer: Anti-Catholics.

I try not to look at these sites, since they make me very sad.
I think back to the Gospel of Matthew chapter 12 verse 24:
But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, "This man drives out demons only by the power of Beelzebul, the prince of demons."
Now they are not saying the power of “some demons”, they are saying by the power of Beelzebul, the prince of demons, Satan himself

So I would say that these people that write this stuff are nothing more that modern day Pharisees.
They think they are holy and righteous, but inside they are white washed tombs.


I just checked out this site. If you go to near the very end it talks about Saturday being the true Sabboth!!! It seems that this is probably a Seventh Day Adventist article. SDA people are know for the anti-catholism. Need I say more???/



The people who run these anti-Catholic web sites are a bunch of phonies more interested in greenbacks than ‘advancing the gospel’. Bashing the Church is big bucks, the DaVinci code is a prime mainstream example. Business is good for people like Jack Chick, Ken Silva, Dave Hunt, Mike Gendron, and the rest of the anti-Catholic underbelly out there. I recently let a friend have it for forwarding me the Boettner list and some other garbage material. I told him, ‘What on earth are you doing at your new ‘Bible’ church? Does your church troll for anything anti-Catholic out there and accepting it as true uncritically because it validates you deep seeded bigoted prejudices; do me a favor fact check things before you send me garbage.’ This got this person to back off, it was not the most diplomatic way of doing apologetics but hopefully gets them to do fact checks.

God bless,


That site is just rediculous.


I know, isn’t it? I just really don’t understand why they think it’s OK… Would they do this to Jews or Muslims??? …It’s just not right… What’s their whole goal? Though I must admit, it is pretty funny seeing how blind they are… and sad too…




SECVNDO = 605*

Uhhhm, why isn’t it Ioanes pavlvs secvndvs? Is this even proper latin?

Oh yeah, and what if JPII wrote his name as Ioannes?



Only an idiot would write this rubbish,and only a bigger one would take it seriously.

They know the truth, but whether they choose to accept and live the truth is another thing completely different.


Unfortunately, these so-called idiots are out there in huge quanities.:bigyikes:


Our CAF brother, montanaman, likes to ask people like this whether “thou shalt not bear false witness” is in their list of the ten commandments.

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