anti-Catholic Support Group


Hello Friends!

Recently there have been several persons posting on various threads that have taken a pretty anti-Catholic view of things. It has become obvious to most of the faithful on this site that…shocker…the anti-Catholic rants are not based in fact, but just a bunch of propaganda that has been taught like it was fact for years.

I am starting this thread for two reasons. First, if you feel, after being on this site for a while, that you have been the victim of this type of teaching, this is the place to post your story.

Second, if you would like to discuss any other aspect of the anti-Catholic movement, and the experiences you have had with it…this would be the place to do that too.



I did notice such things on the site recently, it seems to go in cycles. For some reason we tend to several at the same time and then it’s quiet for a while and then it starts again. I used to really get involved in these threads but after repeating yourself to people who simply have no interest in listening it tends to burn you out.

In day to day situations most of the things I have run it that may be classified at as anti-Catholic are people who have been taught false things about the church and truly do not know what they are saying isn’t true. Only a couple of times have I really run into beligerant people who are truly anti-Catholic.

I’m getting to go out, maybe I’ll post some of the stories later.

God Bless.

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