Anti-Catholic Tract Responce


For all you guy’s that have ever gotten an Anti-Catholic tract, maybe on your car windshield, from a coworker, friend or relative…

If you could design a tract of your own specifically for a fundamentalist, not necessarily defending the CC (I’m sure there are good tracts available that do) but to make an average Protestant pause and consider what they believe. (put them on the defensive for a change)
Remember this has to be a small, compact, easy to handle booklet so you probably couldn’t get into lengthy or deep theological issues. Plus you would have to keep it biblical, considering your target audience.

Example: Have you been taught that it’s our “faith alone” that saves us? Did you know the only place the words faith and alone are used together in all of scripture is in James chapter 2 where it says we are not saved by faith alone? (thanks John Martinoni)

Would you question sola scriptura? Once saved always saved? Rapture theology?

What kinds of questions or facts would you employ to get a fundamentalist thinking about what they believe? :eek:

Any thoughts?


They already exist!
Catholic tracts from Grotto Press.

There’s also a great one from Catholic Answers.
God’s Love For You

I use 'em.


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