Anti-catholic video needs a response


I ran accross the following video on youtube by a not very slick anti-catholic. Anyway, it is possible to post replies to these types of videos, so if anyone has the time and talents, it would be a great way to defend the faith.


Wow this guy really knows what he’s talking about,

I particularly enjoyed his comments regarding “subtransubstansiation” :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


Some time, there is a place to defend our faith.
Such places like the one you showed, I think you don’t have to. The more you react to it, the more they enjoy themselves.

We defend our faith by other means and it still gets to them and the rest of the world.

Pray for them.


at least he says “i consider catholicism to be a christian faith”


Somebody get Pope Benedict on the phone! This guy is a deadly threat to the faith! :smiley:

Actually, he seems to have a spark of reasonableness in his nature. We need to get him on the CA forums.


Just swamp him in comments and links that refute his propaganda.

The 500 character limit prevents a decent text response.

He’s read the Bible 31/2 times… Woowee! A faith Catholic 9 year old has done that much and a faithful adult much much more.

Leave those links to threads and articles here at CAF and let them come here and get the facts and decide for themselves.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


You Tube has a LOT of anti-Catholic propaganda. One of the worst is the ex-Catholic priest turned Bererean. His Bererean Beacon has produced 20 or more anti-Catholic videos for You Tube. Each day, he posts MORE videos. I’ve not yet had the stomach to watch these.

**Bad things happen in the world because good people do nothing. To remain silent in the presence of error is sinful. **

We should defend our faith ANYWHERE! This means here on CAF where it’s safely moderated, or on You Tube where it is a free for all.

I’ll defend the faith in a sewer!

The only dignity we need be concerned with in Apologetics is responding with as much charity as possible to the person whom we’re evangelizing.

Yes, stuff like this does need response.

I respond on You Tube as often as I can. I can’t respond to this one tonight because playing this will awaken my sleeping father, who is snoring in the bed beside me at the moment.

I’m making some PRO-catholic Videos just for You Tube. My first is rather boring, but it’s my first try. I only got a one star rating. LOL! More are to come, using me, for some, and a much more exciting specimen for my camcorder, Vic, my Adult Catholic Education teacher:

Catholics Believe! The Nicene Creed I’m going to do one soon, myself, on St. Therese the Little Flower.

Vic’s will be called “Bible Study: Shopping for Jesus.” This is to come, in response to all the anti-Catholic stuff on You Tube. Just WAIT until you get a load of Vic! He’s is ON FIRE! This may take a month or more for me to post on You Tube, as I’m new to being a “director.”

Anyway …

I will argue that a response is not only justified, it is required of Confirmed Catholics. It can be done in less than 500 words, too.

**If Catholics remain silent, the only people the unchurched will hear are those preaching false doctrine. **

Don’t be afraid of being obnoxious and annoying.

God Bless!


How is it that everyone who reads the bible seams to come up with the exact same problems with Catholicism?
I don’t even know that guy but yet I agree with everything he is saying. How could this be?
Somehow we both come to the same conclusions after reading the same book. Yet the catholics don’t see it that way.
Very strange!


I saw the video and I liked it! I think it is great that you are out there doing this. I can’t wait to see more.


I read the bible every day and accept it for what it is:
A CATHOLIC BOOK - or collection of books.
Written by Catholics, compiled by Catholics and speaks the Catholic truth.
Don’t speak for me or anybody else by making such blanket statements like, " . . . everyone who reads the bible seams(sp) to come up with the exact same problems with Catholicism".
You may have a problem with Catholicism because you refuse to see.


Instead of spending sooooo much time trying to knock down the faith of others, this man and all the others like him, should focus their energies on growing in their OWN faith and spirituality.

I am wondering though, in light of his “studies”,.,what part of…“Take Eat…This is My BODY which is given for you” does he not understand?:rolleyes:


You mean except for the 1.2 billion Catholics?

But your question is actually revealing, for it points out that Protestants have their very own traditions of men through which they filter the scriptures. That is why they all (so you say) come up with the same objections, because they are all filtering the bible through the original errors of the Reformers.

Gee, how come all atheists come up with the same objections to Christianity? Could they all be right, and Christians just don’t see it? You good with that line of reasoning too?


I don’t know the guy at all.
He reads his bible, I read mine and we both come to the same conclusions.
I know I’m not reading through any veil of reformation or any filter of any kind. I read the text -sola scriptura.
There is no universal anti Catholic handbook that we all read.
The truth in the bible speaks for itself.
I don’t need Martin Luther’s commentary to guide me to biblical truth that is plain to see.


I too have received a copy. At least they have laid their cards on the table. If they are right then we will owe them a BIG apology.If they are wrong then I guess that will be the END to both the credibility of their sect and their prophecy.

I was rather amused by the line where they allege they are ‘putting their lives at risk’. I was told that they really DO BELIEVE that Catholics are getting ready for the ‘end times’ and have caches of guns and ammo stored away waiting to break them out to go and kill them. Their children are told this. That is in my view not only very sick but tantamount to child abuse…

John Paul II is Back in Vatican City in New Film from World’s Last Chance

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“How will the next pope be John Paul II?" challenges Dahlia Doss of World’s Last Chance, “According to the book of Revelation in the Bible, chapter 17, it will appear to the entire world that John Paul II has returned from heaven, but in reality, this phenomenon, as prophesied, will be a demon impersonating the deceased John Paul II.” World’s Last Chance has released a video depicting this discovery

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John Paul II happens to be the most loved pope in modern history. The World’s Last Chance Team believes that this is one of the reasons why Satan will choose to impersonate him. According to the prophecy, John Paul II will appear as the ‘resurrected’ pope ‘returning from heaven’ with a special message embracing a ‘divine commission’ directly from God. He will claim that this message is the only solution to the ever-incrementing and rapidly escalating calamities of this world. But in reality, his satanic commission is inspired by the father of lies with the sole goal of deceiving and eternally ensnaring the whole world.

"We would not dare make such a crazy and obnoxious assumption, at the risk of our reputation and even our lives, if it were not based on sound interpretation of infallible Biblical prophecy.

There has been a paradigm shift. Last year they were teaching that JP2 was ‘satans instrument’. Now they are saying he was a very holy man. They are getting there!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if ‘Worlds last Chance’ is really a Catholic conspiracy by his Holiness to keep us on our toes and make sure we keep abreast of our catechism and apologetics :stuck_out_tongue:



I thought I would share a youtube video that I thought was very inspiring!

May the body and blood of Christ brings us all to everlasting life!




Oh man. I just saw that video. Anyone who is persuaded by this tool isn’t rational. How arrogant of him to think he’s in any way qualified to talk about Catholicism. It’s like he picked up some tracts and assumed he had a doctorate.

It’s kind of like…like…oh…James White!


And you’re both dead wrong.

I know I’m not reading through any veil of reformation or any filter of any kind.

Sure you are…yet you won’t even see it because you are conditioned to think that SS is a valid biblical doctrine when it is not.

Hence you start every discussion and study from a flawed premise and get the same flawed answers as the other people who make the very same mistake

I read the text -sola scriptura.

I rest my case. :slight_smile:

There is no universal anti Catholic handbook that we all read.

We sure can’t tell from the level of rhetoric…:rotfl:

The truth in the bible speaks for itself.

A point that I make again and again and yet you refuse to accept it.

I don’t need Martin Luther’s commentary to guide me to biblical truth that is plain to see.

Yeah? Me neither.:thumbsup:


actaully if you havent noticed most of the christian world is catholic (1.2 billion as someone pointed out). so actaully most people who read the bible are agreeing with the catholic position.


So you read the bible and came to all your theological conclusions before you ever heard a preacher preach? Before you ever discussed any Christian beliefs with anybody? Before you ever read another word of Christian philosophy or theology or apologetics? Of course you didn’t. You took in a particular Protestant filter, a particular tradition of men regarding the true meaning of scripture, “with your mother’s milk” as the saying goes.

Anybody who truly reads the bible with an open mind will acknowledge, for example, that John 6 is definitely talking about actually eating and drinking the flesh and blood of Christ. Only by reading through the 500-year-old filter of Protestant error can you possibly read it otherwise.

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