anti-Catholic vs. anti-Protestant

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To start with a small disclaimer, I’m going to be expressing an opinion, so if you don’t want to read on I’ll understand. :slight_smile: :wink:

The term “anti-Catholic” is used fairly frequently, but it seems to me that Protestants get off fairly easily: this is because if a Protestant make an anti-Catholic statement, (reasonable) Catholics generally understand that it is not representatives of Protestants generally. On the other hand, I frequently hear a Catholic make an anti-Protestant statement followed by a reaction from Protestants often along the lines of “Yeah, that’s what I would expect a Catholic to say.” (This is easy to see in the very same Protestants who are most active on this forum.)

Soapbox away.

I’m anti-Protestantism, because Protestantism is based upon false doctrines.

I’m not anti-Protestant, because Protestants can be nice people, too.

Thanks for the quick reply, Randy. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m familiar with your definitions, e.g. that the word “literally” means “as intended by the author”. (Although you may have some definitions you’ve never mentioned, so technically I guess I should say that I’m familiar with the ones I’m familiar with, which isn’t saying very much. :o)

Its funny I’ve been dabbling in apologetics for some time now and honestly its usually the Catholic being questioned or out right attacked. I don’t think I’ve seen it the other way around yet. Yes I said yet. Id say this forum is very lenient toward the protestant perspective and less lenient to the Catholic who is defending or takes the offensive (generally not allowed here).

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It’s interesting this was commented on; I just happened to see this video some 2 days ago.

Though it’s not 100% on topic since this is coming from an Eastern Orthodox bishop, note what he says at 1:47 in this video.

And Martin Luther gave birth to thousands of sects, that are sweeping through the world, who often drink human blood, who kill children to drink blood, various sects, terrible sects, who are fruit of Rome’s Pope.

[Emphasis mine].

Notwithstanding his accusation of “Roman heresy”, the bolded part also stood out to me as extremely slanderous and uncharitable. :confused: :eek:

As Randy Carson said, I’ll agree to disagree with Protestants on the typical issues: Mary, Purgatory, justification, etc.

But when that line is crossed and slander and libel are used, as exemplified by this specific Serbian bishop (I am sure most EO bishops don’t share that view), count me out. :thumbsup:

What exactly is a “Protestant”?

There are many Churches other then Catholic, many have little in common except they are not Catholic,

I don’t consider myself to be anti anything, is there a wrong way to worship Jesus?

And Martin Luther gave birth to thousands of sects, that are sweeping through the world, who often drink human blood, who kill children to drink blood, various sects, terrible sects, who are fruit of Rome’s Pope.

I just finished watching the video. Assuming he really said that (I’m relying on the translation, and anyhow it’s possible the video could be a fake) it’s actually kind of scary that that man is an Orthodox bishop.

Good question … and probably one of the reasons that we don’t hear the term “anti-Protestant” very much.


Reminds me of a commercial … Oh, I can’t even finish, this joke is so obvious.

And Martin Luther gave birth to thousands of sects, that are sweeping through the world, who often drink human blood, who kill children to drink blood, various sects, terrible sects, who are fruit of Rome’s Pope.

Argh! The secret is out about us Lutherans!

Now everybody will want join and there won’t be enough kiddy-blood for me :frowning:

In the past here at CAF, each side seemed to patrol its own. Does it seem less so now to you, Peter?


Darn. Now everyone knows why I’m a teacher. A ready supply for the parish, don’tcha know


Yeah, and he was able to fill both of your categories in one paragraph.
Let’s see; anti-catholestant.


It often feels to me that Catholics are a little dismissive of Protestants in this forum. They constantly remind even those of us who believe in the Real Presence such as Lutherans and Anglicans that what we get in our communion is “just a piece of bread” rather than the body of Christ. We are told that only the Catholic Church can be called a “church” whereas we are merely “ecclesial communities”, etc. All of these ways of talking about us Protestants do feel kind of like an attack. :shrug:

And of course many Protestants believe that much of Catholicism is “based upon false doctrines”. If we Protestants tell you this, would you feel that we are attacking Catholicism whereas if you say that Protestantism is based upon false doctrines, we Protestants should not feel attacked? :shrug:

I agree with this…The rampant lumping of all protestant denominations etc into one is annoying. Questions like “why don’t protestants believe in infant baptism, or the real presence” are annoying since many denominations do.

It’s also really prevalent on Family Life Board. Particularly towards protestant spouses in mixed marriages., and mixed marriages in general.

When you have a recent convert who has thrown their entire marriage or family into disarray by converting, you get lots of replies about their spouse or family members should be more understanding and very little understanding for the spouse or family that just had their spiritual life blown out of the water.

Recently a saw a post about a man who father is a Lutheran Pastor and he converted, and can’t understand why his father is mad and not talking to him…the bulk (not all) but the bulk of posts expressed sorrow for the man (not his dad) and talked about how his dad was wrong and out of line. No sympathy for the dad who is a leader in his faith and whose kid just left it…that has to hurt a lot, yet few even acknowledged that.

Bring up any dissent or questioning of NFP and prepare to get hammered.

I’m not sure what you mean, but you have piqued my interest: did other Lutheran posters reign you in, or whatever the phrase might be? That sounds like a story worth hearing. :cool:

I agree with Jon. If you’re Catholic, you’re sensitive to comments about Catholicism and if you’re Protestant you’re sensitive about comments about Protestantism.

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Blessings, all!! Rita

I wondered, too, about the translation. I looked at the listing of the other videos posted by the same YouTube user, and the user seems legit, but :shrug:… wow, that’s bizarre if that translation is in fact correct.

Don’t worry, the Jews have enough children’s blood in stock for anyone who needs some.

If Protestants feel uncomfortable when I attack their doctrines, good! I want them to double-check what they believe.

If Protestants attack Catholicism, good! I want to be able to set the record straight and cause them to double-check what they believe.

The only Protestant I can’t work with is the one who “doesn’t want to talk about it.” :thumbsup:

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