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I wondered how many of you out there are familiar with this anti-Catholic website: (Link removed per Banned Topics Policy & CAF Board Swarm Policy)

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I noticed he has a page which contains ‘Hard Questions’ aimed at Good Catholics…
(Link removed per Banned Topics Policy & CAF Board Swarm Policy)

Many questions are unoriginal, mostly those claims refuted time and time again by Catholic Apologists.

Is there someone here who will take on these questions and perhaps email the owner of the website with the answer?


Hi Cody,

I used to find thse anti-Catholic Web sites interesting, but when I researched their objections, I found my faith in the Cathoic Church grew deeper. (And these forums have been invaluable to me.) :slight_smile:

These anti-Catholics who hide behind the bible are cowards. Sure, nowadays with mass print and internet services, its easy to get people to read a verse from the bible here and there to build up a case against anything. (The other day, in a different thread on these forums, I saw a muslim build up a case that Jesus was rude to his mother. :eek: Go figure…)

But where were these ministries in the early days of the church; the days when a printed copy of the bible was out of reach for the average person? :hmmm:

I wonder what are the fruits of these anti-Catholic christian ministries? Have they ever converted a pagan nation, or even a pagan tribe? Have they ever taught the gospel to people who can’t read? :nope: (There are plenty of illiterate people out there in the world.)

It seems to me, the only thing they can do is convert Catholics to christianity. That’s like taking a fish out of the ocean and teaching it to swim in your pool. :rolleyes:


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