Anti-Catholic Websites

I would like everyone here to post what they feel to be the worst anti-Catholic websites. Obviously any porn website would be but for the purposes of this thread, we should post those that pose a threat to uninformed Catholics.

Here is one to start with:

Actually any website that promotes Traditio should be included in that list.

This is a pretty good source of good and bad Catholic sites.

I had heard there were some traditionalists who weren’t in communion with the Church & all, but holy cow! Newchurch, Benedict_ratzinger?!!:eek: They have there own language! What are presbyters? Priests, maybe? Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

This looks great, & it lists so many sites. Thanks!

Thanks for the link. I wish to add Traditio to that list. How do I go about doing it?

There is a link on there to submit for review, I don’t remember where it is.

Request a Review

Any site that adopts the make-believe of “The Two Babylons” as fact. A lot of people have done this:

*]Messianic Jews
*]a lot of Reformed Christians[/LIST]- to name a few. :frowning:

On that list, they had as being a bad Catholic website. There is a Busted Halo radio show on The Catholic Channel (Sirius Sat. Radio). I could never get “into” the radio show, as it always seemed too secular. I never heard anything blatantly anti-Catholic but I only listened to it a couple of times. It is too bad that The Catholic Channel is not screening the shows that they put on the air. Then again, I have not found any of their shows very good. Thank God for EWTN! :thumbsup:

Let’s not dwell on the bad eh? :confused:

How else you know what to avoid?

If you focus on finding the good, avoiding the bad isn’t a problem: it’s not in the set of things you’re looking for.

This happened to me and is a perfect example on why you need to know about the bad sites.

There was a person on an internet forum that was spewing a ton of untrue things that he said the Catholic faith was teaching. I kept telling him that what he was saying was not what the church taught. He finally told me the source he was using and it was a so called Catholic site, but one that seemed to make things up.

I don’t know what you mean about it not being in the set of things you are looking for, but if you don’t know where others are coming from cannot correct many wrongs.

What you are saying is true in a perfect world, but one that does not exist.

Derp :doh2: . Granted, one can’t be a fisher of men without stepping in the mud now and then, but that doesn’t mean you lie down and wallow in it or look for mud to step in. What mschrank (I think – correct me if I’m wrong!) and I are talking about is more a matter of perspective: look for firm ground to place your feet instead of making an exhaustive categorization of those parts of the shore you shouldn’t be walking on. Glass half full instead of half empty, natch.

What you are saying is true in a perfect world, but one that does not exist.

No religion has a monopoly on shameless idealism! :stuck_out_tongue:

cant belioeve no one’s posted this one yet

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