Anti-Catholic Whoppers

Inspired by the Anti-Catholic Whoppers article Anti-Catholic Whoppers and some of the threads I have read today, I wanted to know what are some of the best Anti-Catholic whoppers you have heard. And by best I mean the most ridiculous.

Sad, really. I love Whoppers. If my heart valves would not threaten to close permanently shut on the mere sight of one, I’d enjoy one now.

That said, one of the biggest anti-Catholic whoppers comes from the author Dan Brown, and his strange books, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

Both books, while financially successful, are Critical Research Failures in how the Church was founded, who Christ really was, and how the Church members actually behave. Dan Brown himself actually declared in press conferences that his books were based on fact, leading more people down the primrose path of deception–and generating a new spin on how people aren’t nearly as discerning about religions as many of us would hope.

It’s against the rules to post the link. Vatican assinines (spelled incorrectly without losing the meaning) , this web site gives head line after headline of the most malicious hate propaganda I’ve ever seen. Probably an SDA site.

Hmmmm… let me think. There are so many.

Catholics worship Mary and/or the Saints.
Catholics re-sacrifice Christ at every Mass because we don’t understand that His death on the cross was the FINAL sacrifice.
Catholics aren’t allowed to read the Bible.
Catholics aren’t Christian.
Catholics are cannibals because they believe that the Eucharist really IS the body and blood, soul and divinity of Christ.
Catholic hierarchy was founded by evil men who merely wanted to grab power and control everyone else through faith and religion.
Catholics don’t have a personal relationship with Christ.
Catholics think that everyone will get a second chance to choose for Christ in Purgatory.

These are just a handful of the more common ones… Then there are the really out there things like Chick’s Death Cookie tract.

I didnt know that I couldnt post a link to the CA article…if I went agains the rules then I’m sorry and will ask the moderator to delete the thread.


Another one that came to mind is that Catholics added to the Bible lol

Oh, no, no. Your link to the Catholic Answers web site (who runs this forum) was just fine. The last poster was noting that they would not post the link of the anti-Catholic website they mentioned in their post.

What you did was okay. It is against the forum rules to link to virulently anti-Catholic websites, which is what kepha wanted to avoid.

I think the poster meant he/she couldn’t post a link to the website he/she referenced. We can post links t CA articles without a problem. :thumbsup:

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I think the Pope Joan Myth can be considered one of the biggest anti-Catholic whoppers out there (it is an example of anti-papal satire that has been around for approximately 800 years, meaning that it even predates the anti-Catholic writings that stemmed from the Protestant Reformation).

In addition to this I would add Loraine Boettner’s Roman Catholicism which has widely fueled anti-Catholic sentiment for nearly 50 years.

Plus anything Jack Chick says about Catholicism.

Such things do not arise from simple misunderstandings of the Catholic Faith, but are rather intentional distortions crafted to display the Church in a highly negative manner.

(As a side note, that whopper in the OP photo looks KINDA good!)

What I don’t understand is how people like Lorraine Boettner and Jack Chick can call themselves Christians when they know what they say is utter baloney. Shouldn’t they know it is a sin to tell a lie?

And speaking of which, is Chick still kickin’? I know he is very old.

Catholics have the name of every protestant in a super computer and are working to destroy all protestant churches by the stealthy use of Jesuit super agents.

That’s right. Meet our latest recruit. Apparently you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry:-

The Hulk’s alter ego Dr Bruce Banner is actually lapsed Catholic. He’s decided to return fully to the Church as you can see.

It is hard to know just what is going on in Jack Chick’s head. We can readily see that he has a hostile mentality against Catholicism and does not back up his rhetoric with any academically credible sources, but no one knows exactly why he does what he does. Generally speaking, he does not do interviews and has been very reclusive throughout his publishing career. This, of course, means that he has never had to personally defend his anti-Catholic material in a public way.

And speaking of which, is Chick still kickin’? I know he is very old.

He was born in 1924 but according to his webpage (and Wikipedia) he is still around (despite some heart trouble in recent years).

Everyone’s heard this one… but one that bothered me as a Protestant (though I couldn’t figure out why) was the belief that the Pope is the Antichrist. For some reason whenever someone said that (and I was anti-Catholic myself!) my soul would just cringe… it was strange and I never understood it.

Even to this day when people say that I just recoil. It’s like… profaning something sacred. It’s the same reaction I have when people use J.C. as a curse.

Anyway, it’s nothing new but that anti-catholic line always gets me.

Isn’t that a Chick tract?

So yeah anything by a Chick tract. Including how apparently the Holocaust was engineered by the Vatican, the Vatican created Islam as part of some mysterious plot, the Fatima apparitions were a plot to cosy up to Muslims, staged the 1981 assassination attempt on the Blessed John Paul II.

The other great one is that IHS stands for Isis, Horus and Seb. I once had someone tell me that and when I explained to her that it wasn’t she really didn’t know what to say.

I just thought of another one. My coworker keeps telling me there are THREE popes… at this very moment.

I just didn’t know what to say to her expect to say there is ONE pope and two fakers who might be claiming to BE pope but that doesn’t make them the pope. I can call myself the Prime Minister, that doesn’t make me Prime Minister even if some people choose to follow me.

I was introduced to the joys of Chick tracts via working with a gent who was fervent admirer of his for about 5 years. Before then I’d never heard of the man as he is virtually unknown in the UK or Ireland. Funny enough the guy who kept handing them to me was probably one of the better examples of a Christian I know, but he had a real blind spot as regards Chick and wasn’t the most educated guy in the world. We tended to kind of pass it off as an eccentricity of his. My favourite was his constant attempts to convert our boss who was Jewish. These usually ended up as a good comedy session with him passing the tract and the boss pointing out in detail the numerous logical flaws in it. My colleague with the tracts had a family background with Jewish, Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox in there and for various reasons he had come to totally reject all of those.

There are several legitimate Popes. That’s true for a given value of truth. But I suspect your coworker doesn’t quite understand why there is more than one Pope.

Not at the same time though? My coworker is a history buff, which is what’s confusing me even more. But she insists every time we get a chance to talk that there are currently three Popes. It drives me crazy. Also, that the Vatican has a ton of secret documents hidden away that they refuse to show the public…

It’s okay… The member actually meant a link to the anti-Catholic site in question.

Banned Topics # 17 restricts: Links to blatantly anti-Catholic sites, except as a valid reference point for discussion.

That’s the difference, so carry on guys.

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