Anti-Catholic Whoppers

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Part of Chick’s Alberto Rivera series. I found those after someone gave me a copy of “Dark Dungeons” back in the day.

I suspect in this case they are referencing the old talk about red and black Popes. But outside the Catholic Church itself there are other legitimate Popes who are legitimately ordained also such as Pope Shenouda III in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

D’oh! Of course! I hadn’t thought of that. Popes but not of the Catholic Church itself. Man. I wish you were there when she told me that. Haha. I might have been able to explain better…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I think from the sound of the ‘three Popes’ stuff she is going with the old myth of the head of the Society of Jesuits been a ‘black Pope’ and the head of the congregation for the evangelization of peoples been sometimes called the ‘red Pope’ due to the colour of his cassock. In this model the true Pope is seen as the white ‘Pope’. The problem with this outlook is it profoundly misunderstands how the Church hierachy works and is just a popular shorthand way of describing three individuals by externals such as dress which have varied immensely at times in Church history.

I live in the “bible belt”, so I’ve heard it ALL! The most bizarre thing I’ve EVER heard is that Catholics secretly sacrifice chickens and sheep during Mass. I have no idea where that particular person heard that one!

I had a Baptist friend ask me about the whole “black pope” thing a couple years back. I had never hard that one before. My husband’s response was that he thought there was a wrestler that went by that name. So I interjected the following speculation:

BTW, Joe, still not sure what you meant by the “Black Pope” thing. lol Personally I want to know more about the wrestler. Why the name? I mean, did he have a funny hat? Did he have signature moves like “the damnation” or “the reconciliator” or (ouch) the “excommunicator”? Does he preach the “doctrine of pain” and bring his “dogma down on people”?

It’s best to keep these things in the perspective they belong: absurd.

Very recently I came across a website explaining how Catholic believe the Pope is God. :thumbsup:

It goes to great length to explain this fabrication based on “facts”.

What I don’t understand is what possible purpose this kind of misinformation serves.

In my case it was a tie…

I was told by an anti Catholic that the Catholic Church doesn’t teach that Christ is risen from the dead…and this was an EX-catholic that told me this. Ex catholics can be the most virulent, and intentionally dishonest anti Catholics on the planet.

I’ve read that the attempted assassination on the former Pope was actually staged by the Jesuits in diabolical conspiracy. They intentionally used a muslim shooter so that muslims everywhere would be guilt-induced to join the Catholic Church. After all these muslims joined Catholicism, they were to be used by the Vatican as soldiers in a new army, in a secretly planned war against Israel in an attempt to “get Jerusalem”.

I don’t know which whopper is bigger.

This is a good one lol

Thanks Michael and everyone for the reponce to my question regarding the rules. :slight_smile:

The one whopper that never seems to go away is the one saying the Pope is the AntiChrist which always makes me laugh

If the most malicious hate propaganda you have ever seen is directed against Catholicism, then you need to open your eyes.

Lorraine Boettner died in 1990.

The most vicious hate propaganda on the planet is that which defiles the sacred. So yes, the most vicious stuff CAN be anti-Catholic in nature. Perhaps not in content, but in spirit.

Jack Chick is a “dumb cluck”. Nothing else to know about him.

I’ve heard all of these and more. Can’t keep track of them anymore, weird, considering I used to believe most of them. :blush:

I think I am getting pay back though recently b/c I keep having to defend Catholicism more and more from people who still believe this stuff and it is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Plus, since I am not a theologian and I don’t have the gifts of people like Scott Hahn I feel I’m not doing the Church justice in my defense.

Sadly comes mostly from my family.

Pretty much everything Jack Chick says. I think I remember something in one of his tracts saying tha the pope had a “super-computer” with everyone’s names, religious affiliation, age, location, etc… in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pray to the Holy Spirit for help and you will do great. Plus actions speak louder than words. :slight_smile:

Why is it always the Jesuits???:rolleyes:

Do a Google search on Jesuit evil.

The first page of search results are chock full of absolutely bizarre conspiracy theories.

Yeah, I know, the Jesuits have been blamed for just about every evil on the planet. I think the reason for such slander stems from the fact that they are a religious society whose charism includes being devoted to the papacy in a very special way, so some have accused them of being the “storm troopers” of the various popes. And I guess those long black cassocks didn’t help either.

When The DaVinci Code came out, a lot of the Catholic conspiracy theories started focusing on Opus Dei, and I was wondering if they would become the new “bad guys” within anti-Catholic rhetoric (and maybe finally giving the Jesuits some respite from this). But I think the public’s fascination with Opus Dei died down with the rest of the hype involving The DaVinci Code.

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