Anti-Catholicism in so-called Christian FB groups

I’m sick of it! Everywhere I turn, it seems more and more Christian groups are turning anti-Catholic. They keep saying untrue things about Catholics, claiming that we worship statues or the saints, or saying the pope is the anti-Christ, or worst of all, the entire Catholic Church is a pagan cult, akin to the Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses. These groups are so ignorant of history. I also see this on right-wing groups as well. It’s annoying!

Truth of Catholicism is a good group on facebook, if you were interested in joining one (although there are probably dozens of groups by the same name.) I don’t think I have ever seen anything “bad” on that page. :slight_smile:

Matthew 5:11"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me."
Turn the other cheek and pray for them. If you are up to it, take them up in courteous debate and try to educate. Otherwise, wipe the dust off your sandals and move on. I am sure that Christ understands ignorance… he understands me.

Protestant groups are always anti-Catholic in one way or another. It’s just whether it is subtle or overt, conscious or subconscious, and whether they view us as Christians or not.

In my experience, non-denominationals are the worst, followed by the Pentecostals and some Baptist.

But they all have their beef with the Catholic Church. The question is how much time have they taken to learn the truth about the Catholic Church, vs only trust people and books that are strongly against the Church.

Pray for these people. Their complete denial of the historical fact of the One Universal (Catholic) Christian Church and especially the early Church after the 1st Century where so much of Christian thought was brought about is responsible for this.

I am also battling this. There are a few on fb (in my case Methodist) that will post the most outlandish garbage about Catholicism and the Pope. I keep asking them to prove their lies to me by posting where I can find that teaching in the Catechism of the Catholic Church or where on the Vatican site I can find the Pope actually said this or that, Of course they continually ignore my requests and insist that CNN or whatever news agency has it right. I have gotten so disgusted by them that I have finally asked—“what church do you belong to.” And then I go from there-----“oh I see you belong to the church that was started 200–300 yrs ago by two college kids”. Or I’ll ask them how their church started and by whom.

I generally end the conversation with how very sad it is that they must be hearing all this hate from the pulpit when they should be hearing the Gospel.

John 15:20 Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’[a] If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.

I luckily have not come across this. I belong to a couple of melanoma prayer groups that include a variety of denominations and everyone is respectful and focused on just supporting and praying for each other.

Whenever I encounter anti-Catholicism and am tempted to snap back or go into defensive mode, I call to mind the words of Jesus to St. Faustina

“What’s it to you? Be merciful to them anyway.”

These words give me peace and then I can respond in a more rational manner.

Thought a lot about this lately. In my opinion, it is like this. They don’t realize it, but they need us, for their existence. If the CC were gone, they would turn on one another. Just my dos centavos.

I have always been puzzled by that too but I guess if they learn the truth about the Catholic Faith they would have to admit they were wrong and they lack the humility to do that. I have wondered how they ever had so much time to learn many bible verses ( taken out of context of course) when they are spending so much time bashing the Catholic Faith.( I have wondered which is most important to them.) And the money they spend printing out those nasty leaflets, could be used to help the needy. I often ask if they believe in the 8th Commandment “Thou shalt NOT bare FALSE witness against thy neighbor” !! But look on the bright side. So many protestant ministers, and lay people, of many different denominations have become Catholic in the past 20 or so years because they have taken the time to study the TRUTH about the Catholic Faith. They were becoming so disillusioned with the protestant denominations becoming so secular. Watch the Journey Home program on EWTN on Monday nights at 7 PM CST. The man who hosts the show is Marcus Grodi, an x-protestant minister himself. Patrick Madrid has written 3 great books on that subject, “Surprised by Truth” vols. 1-2 and 3. God Bless, Mermaw

I encounter lots of anti-Catholicism in *Catholic *FB groups (not from the administrators, but I guess some folks come in from non-Catholic groups to try and “save” us, or there’s a lot of “cultural Catholics” who don’t like being reminded of Church teaching on issues, or there’s folks who are sedevacantist or other fringe groups not in communion with Rome who insist on saying their piece, as well.)

FB groups of all stripes are basically a cesspool, IMO, so I avoid almost all of them that don’t have mostly people I know “in real life.”

See this as an opportunity to defend Jesus and His Church, the Catholic Church.

I would, but the members are so close-minded, I’m better off giving up.

Anti- Catholicism isn’t anything new, but the internet has made us more aware of it
The late American Bishop, Fulton J Sheen once said -“If they hate the Catholic Church its because of what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be”.

I do understand your feelings though, I’ve experienced the same annoyance when viewing comments, and have actually responded to them on occasions.
I don’t like to hear ignorant religious bigoted comments from any denomination, including those from Catholics.

Pray for them and think of the example of St. Paul, who hated the Church but Jesus still chose as an apostle! Jesus desires their conversion and we must pray for those who, in the words of the Fatima Prayer, are “…most in need of Thy Mercy”. Jesus gave St. Faustina this prayer for sinners: “O, Blood and Water that gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, as a fountain of mercy for us, I trust in you.” and said that if you say it with faith and a contrite heart, He will grant them the grace of conversion.

I’m not familiar with the so-called Christian groups that this thread is about … More to the point, I’m curious as to what they are actually? (Being a so-called Christian doesn’t count for much, in my opinion.)

I wrote another reply and unfortunately it is lost in cyber space so I’ll start again.

As stated earlier those on fb that I am talking to are methodist, non denom and catholics that do not know their own church history and they are always a fun group. LOL

Catholics have been persecuted through out history of the Church and even in the first century they were thought to be ignorant, uneducated cannibals that floured and ate babies at Mass. I still hear this today from the truly ignorant.

The early Christians were killed because they would not worship the emperor and the pagan gods of that day. They were terribly persecuted. We still are persecuted today. That’s a lot of years of persecution.

I do realize your frustration because some of their beliefs about Catholics and what we believe are truly archaic to put it kindly. I know it can be difficult and I have to remind myself of this on occasion, but try not to get angry when talking with them. Instead ask them questions. Ask them what church they go to, when it started and who started it and for them to show you proof and then go from there. Being sola scriptura they should be very well aware of who started the Catholic Church.

The main point is it is time to ask them questions and for us to stop always being on the defensive as we have pretty much answered all the questions and can’t help it if they refuse to see. So, start asking when their church started and by whom and don’t be afraid to ask them for proof as you have 2000yrs of truth behind you.

Lately I have been watching the old Journey home vids on you tube and have come across a man by the name of Steve Ray. You might want to check him out. He use to be a Baptist preacher and loved converting Catholics because he said they were the easiest because they did not know their own faith.

Please do not allow them to make you silent—put them on the defensive.

Whenever Breitbart covers a story concerning the Pope or Catholicism you can bet there’s someone typing something about the Pope being a Marxist or antichrist. Anti catholics seem to like accusations but can’t seem to control their anger when making a comment.

Have you ever read one of those little anti catholic chick tract comics. Lol theres definently some angry misguided folk out there. :rolleyes:

It is sad and unfortunate that the majority of the lay congregation who have been fed so many lies over so many years by these preachers, do not follow their preachers to the Catholic faith. I wonder how much effort these preachers put into persuading their congregation to switch to the Catholic faith with them. How I wish they could go back to their former congregation and try to undo the damage they caused.

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