Anti-Catholicism in the Media

**I was watching The View today and Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar (both Catholics, I believe) were spouting anti-Catholic rhetoric. Specifically, they said that Catholics are IDOL WORSHIPERS and POLYTHEISTS. I found this very heartbreaking and what makes it even worse is that they have millions of viewers that watch the show and will believe them. I don’t think they’ll offer an apology tomorrow since they never do on that show, but still I voiced my disapproval. I urge everyone else saddened by this to do the same. You can email the show’s producer here: **

This is what I emailed them. I directed it to Whoopi Goldberg since she seems a bit more willing to listen to others than Joy Behar. I rambled a bit but the basic ideas are there:

Please email the show too! Tell your Catholic friends to as well. If we don’t start standing up for our faith, who will? :frowning:

Dear Ms Goldberg,

I am writing to you in regards to some remarks you made this morning about Catholicism. You and Ms. Behar claimed that Catholics were IDOL WORSHIPERS and POLYTHEISTS (suggesting that we worship the saints). Neither of these allegations are true! I would like to take a brief moment of your time to clear up your misunderstanding, and hopefully you will correct yourself on television so that you do not mis-educate your viewers!

Catholics do NOT worship statues. We do not believe that the statues have any power whatsoever to them. An idol worshiper, on the other hand, believes that the statues themselves are God. Anyone who calls himself or herself a “Catholic” and WORSHIPS the statue is violating Catholic teachings. The Church is 100% against worshiping statues.

True Catholics use statues the same way a secular person uses a picture – as a way to recall that person. I’m sure you have photographs of relatives who have past and use those photographs to recall that person and the memories you have of him or her. You don’t believe the photo has any special power, do you? It’s the exact same concept!

Also, statues have been extremely important throughout history because most worshipers (up until the last 50-100 years) were illiterate. Statues were a useful way to communicate the bible and other stories of righteous Christians to those who could not read themselves.

Catholics do NOT worship saints. We respect them, but we worship only GOD. Also, Catholics are not supposed to pray TO the saints, but we ask them to pray FOR us the same as we would ask someone alive to pray for us. Think about the last part of the Hail Mary:

“Holy Mary, Mother of God, PRAY for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

See, we are not expecting her to have any sort of power. We are simply asking her to PRAY FOR us.

The word Catholic means universal. It is the universal church of those on earth and in heaven, so we believe that the same way those on earth can pray to God, those who are already with Him in heaven can do the same.

The bible, in fact, makes references to “the prayers of the saints” so we know that saints do in fact pray! You are no more a polytheist for asking a saint to pray for you than you are for asking your neighbor to pray for you.

Thank you for your time.

The View is an anti-Catholic hatefest.

Regarding Whoopi Goldberg, I think she is a “Jewish-deist” (whatever that is lol). Joy Behar is basically a lasped “Catholic”.

The Ant-Catholicism is only one facet of the Secular Relativist that control the MSM’s hate parade. Anything that is not in lockstep with their perversion is open to attack.

I’m sorry but why were you even watching the show?

Why does anyone watch it?

Seems like quite a waste of time.

Sorry if that sounded blunt or rude.

Good point. I, for one, don’t watch it at all. The few times I did, years ago, I came away offended every time.

Why not? I believe it’s better to hear what those in the media put out and speak against what is wrong, rather than just ignoring it. Without being challenged those who spread lies and hatred on television will continue to influence millions of people and deteriorate our culture.

If by “not ignoring it” you mean to right the wrong. “Set the record straight” strategy. Then I agree - with creditable shows. But, this show lost its creditability a long time ago. It is nothing more than excrement food for the body. By “ignoring it” you are doing more for the millions of people and the deterioration of our culture then “righting the wrong”. The show stays on as long as they have a viewing audience. No audience, no show. No shows, no lies and hatred on TV. No bad shows, no misleading of the millions of people, and the culture is free to be transformed into a God fearing society.

I don’t see how some don’t get it. When a creditable show misleads its audience, then challenge it to tell the truth. If they don’t, then they lose their creditability and should be cancelled. By continuing to watch the show, you are, in a way, promoting it.

In the US, everyone has a right to free speech, not the right to be heard!

Viewership is not determined by keeping record of what EVERY household in the country is watching. It is an estimate based on surveys, voluntary written records, and set meters (which are devices placed in the homes of a select group of willing participants). I, like most people, am not a participant of any of these audience measurement systems so what I choose to watch has no bearing on whether or not a program stays on the air. Ergo, if I boycott a program, it has no impact. However, if I complain to the show’s producers and to its sponsors when I see something malicious and harmful being spread, and I convince others to do so then I CAN have an impact.

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