Anti-Catholics and how to "witness" to them


This lady has written several articles about the Catholic Church, or, rather, the “Roman” Catholic Church. I really like some stuff on her site, but I don’t know how to get past her poor brainwashed mind that is set against the Catholic Church. I know if I comment to her it won’t get published, so I don’t even know if I should bother. Yet part of me can’t tear myself away from defending our Holy Church. I have taken sabaticals from her site before and wonder if I should take a permanent one.

Here is what she has:

She has three others under her Catholicism topic that are just links to other sites, but these are directly from her.

Are there just some people who will always refuse to see the light??


I have looked at a few of her blog posts.

One of the more interestings one is “Do I hate Catholics”. The clear answer was “Yes”.

She does not make logical cogent arguments. She doe not discuss things from a logical perspective nor does she treat Catholics with any respect. Her reasoning is emotional and not even very Biblical. Her writing is rambling and full of non-sequiters. There is more than a hint of spiritual arrogance.

I would simply avoid her site. No good can come from it.


That was really painful to read. She drives the conversation with “ah but does what you say agree with what God says?” firmly placing her INTERPRETATION of Scripture on God’s side. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is, who is she to do so? By what authority has she been given the authoritative interpretation? The Holy Spirit? There are many who claim the same authority, yet disagree with her conclusions. Can she produce more convincing proof? No? The magisterium can.

See if you can get someplace by tracing the authority chain…

I saw one article on “Did Catholics give us the Bible?” Where does that stuff COME from???


Oh, that post looks ugly! Why can’t I edit??


The thing is I like her site on other subjects, but I just don’t know if I can get past this.


I understand. You have one advantage. It’s likely that all her best arguments are on the site. So study them, research them for error and bone up on how to refute them.

Again, I’ll recommend that you begin with authority. Has God given to her personally the authority to interpret scripture? If so, how? and if not, you have a trump, since the apostles were given the keys to the kingdom.


I just ran through the site quickly but I have to say that you are dealing with a woman who dislikes Catholics and despite what she reads will twist and turn it to support her view. I would start wayyyyyyyyy back-early church fathers if you are going to try and have any luck with this one. I took this from her site (it is one of her references used regarding Catholics).
She said

[size=1] - this was in NO WAY referencing anything Jack Chick has written (however, my research and findings generally agrees with his)

Thats the mentality your dealing with. Good luck.[/size]


I think the best way to evangelize is to love your Faith. Make sure you are a pleasant person to be around. Don’t throw the Faith in anyone’s face, but don’t hide it either. Don’t ever let yourself be heard saying anything but good things about a priest, religious brother or sister, bishop, or pope (even the ones that aren’t orthodox, because a lot of non-Catholics don’t even realize the divisions that are there…I sure didn’t). Don’t break the laws of the Church (but don’t chew people out if they make mistakes either…like the people at a restaurant during Lent did…my mom heard them chew out the waitress for offering them meat on a Friday). Support clergy and religious- and pray for vocations.


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