Anti- Christian Starbucks has DECLINE in customers!


Wow - amazing. This Anti-Christian company which sells anti christian and anti-Cathoilc music along with coffee cup labels that have anti-Christian messages is finally getting the point.

But wil they know why they have a decline in customers? Go to their website and shoot them off a quick email to tell them why!

Espcially now, that during this holiday season, they would choose to make money off the back of a holiday season that they oppose the rest of the year!



**I used to be a huge StarBucks fan. I loved their coffee, but always had a weird feeling about their politics.

Then I got the horrid feeling of where my four dollars a cup was going too! Anti Christian groups? Gay rights? Planned Parenthood maybe? I ignored it for some time, as I didn’t have any real facts. But then I actually found out for a fact that they DO support Planned Parenthood. Four dollars a day to Planned Parenthood! :eek:

So…I stopped cold turkey. Didn’t even wean off. I don’t miss a thing save the frappachinos. I haven’t found any like them anywhere. But…lets see…a frappachino or a baby’s life…uh…DUH! :rolleyes:

And…of course…I miss my twenty or so dollars a week that I gave them for pro choice, anti Christian causes. I want my money back!!! :(:crying:



The best thing you can do besides stopping spending your money there is WRITE TO THEM TO TELL THEM WHYYY!!! YOU DID THAT - THEY WILL NEVER KNOW UNLESS YO UTELL THEM.

HERE IS A LINK :slight_smile:


Uh…where have I been?

I didn’t know this stuff. I don’t have a Starbucks near, but I do buy the Whole Bean and Ground Coffee for home…ten bucks a pound…:mad:


If you use the search on and type in Starbucks you will see what we’ve all been talking about hehe!



I know why I do not buy Starbucks, bad coffee, long lines and high price. Those three keep me out of the door, I never have a chance to worry about their politics.


I am new to this site but boy am I glad I found it! I work at Starbucks as a Barista and am very glad to know that the Catholic Church supports my decision to quit. For too long I have been telling them that I do not want to sell coffee in the “Satan” cups as they are called by the Baristas. For too long have I put up with upper management mocking Christians and putting out “Holiday” coffee to appease the atheists! I only took the job because I wanted the money and the discount but now I see the light! Thank you all. Now I have more time to devote to my family and my Masonic lodge. Thanks again for the info!


Congratulations on quitting Starbucks! May God richly reward and bless you for your choosing Him! :slight_smile:

**Please consider quitting the Masons too! It is very, VERY anti-Christian. :frowning: It is also against the teachings of the Catholic Church! **


Ummmm- you might want to look up the Cathlic Church teaching on the Masonic lodge. Good news is, you will have even MORE time to spend with family :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: **Just what I was thinking!

I have never seen the satanic (or anti-Christian) messages on the cups. They must have started that after I banned them, or I never got one. What kind of things did they say…just so I know my facts of reference. A reference to the cups would be awesome too. I always like to share this info with family. :slight_smile:


Yea, what is it aboutthe cups? I have not been there in a while, because i was short on money.


This is so funny.

Your money goes to so many causes that you don’t agree with.

You go to the grocery store, and you pay for your groceries. Part of that money goes to fund one of the produce clerk’s abortions, in the form of salary.

Every place you buy things uses your money to pay their employees, who do things with it you would not agree with.

Some stores pay rent to management companies owned by atheists or people who support Planned Parenthood. Do you stop shopping at those stores?

Have you gotten a list of vendors that supply Starbucks to make sure you don’t do business with anyone who does business with Starbucks?

If you take your arguments to their logical conclusions you will never shop anywhere.


That’s the same argument lazy people make because it makes it easier for them to live horrible lives.

We have an obligation to do what we can within our means.

With your attitude, I might as well go vote tp fund abortions; it’s gonna happen anyway.


He man, I am not lazy. I do not live a horrible life.

Was there anything besides a personal attack in your post?

My point was that money you pay to merchants ultimately goes to causes you wouldn’t support.

You can boycott a store, and feel good about yourself, but what happens when that store lays off the single mother supporting herself and her kids? Or the student at the local college that is the first in his family to go to college and can barely make ends meet and needs the salary to pay for the rent?

I hear some of you saying that they shouldn’t have worked there in the first place. Well, life isn’t always that simple.

I was just trying to get people to think about why they take a stand against one thing but not another.


**It is VERY true that we cannot boycott all retailers that support–whether directly or indirectly–Planned Parenthood and other immoral organizations. We would starve! Even farmers have to buy SOME things at the store, even the Amish.

We are certainly not all called to become mostly self-sustained farmers. There simply isn’t enough good land to do so anymore. What we are called to do is use our brains and try to eliminate those things that are unnecessary for us.

For me, as much as I used to like the taste, a four dollar cup of coffee is nothing I NEED. It’s something I can avoid entirely, it is certainly not a necessity. While I can easily boycott Starbucks…it is still a small sacrifice I make for babies and the pro-life cause. :thumbsup:

We cannot boycott all organizations that support Planned Parenthood, United Way, and other pro-choice organizations. We can pick one or two and start from there! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:



Just sent in my email to Starbucks. They will get no more money from me.


If we all stopped supporting unworthy causes, we would all be living alone on a mountain top, raising our own food, walking everywhere, using smoke signals, and certainly have no computer access.
There is nothing wrong with supporting a cause, but pick on someone besides Starbucks. It’s getting old.



This comment was completely rude. :tsktsk:


Thank you for this thread…I’m not a coffee shop type person, but I used to buy their ground coffee in the grocery store…NO MORE AFTER READING THIS! :mad: Grazie!:slight_smile:


Whoa, wait a sec–United Way is pro-choice too?? :mad:

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