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Ok, not exactly the best place to post this I know. But as Catholics, traditionalists no less; I am assuming that none of us are fond of marxism. Am I right?

Anyways, I just created an anti communism forum and invite you all to join me with the red scare!

For refuting communism and Marxist theory from a Catholic perspective, you may find these of help:

Remember that Marxism, as a theory of life, is predicated entirely on causing as much misery as possible. In the 1881 suicide bombing which killed Tsar Alexander II of Russia, the assassins who survived and fled wrote letters to various allies. When these letters were discovered, they told us a story of sorrow. It seems the revolutionaries killed the Tsar because he had been attempting to give Russian serfs their rights (and had succeeded in passing laws). The Communists wanted the peasants to be miserable. Even if the Tsar had really been hated and the Marxists had taken over the government there and then, they’d have done as much as possible to destroy the infrastructure.

Marxism thrives on perpetually generating angst. It is a fundamentally anti-Christian philosophy. Agitation, hateful rhetoric, and stirrings-up of the populace are its tools. The goal is to force average people to remain as angry or frustrated as possible. It’s the only way to justify their world-destroying philosophy, you know? You cannot preach perpetual change and constant progression when people are content with the way things are going. Marx was obsessed with endless shifting and morphing of society in order to find the utopia state of equilibrium.

Our Lord is absolutely opposed to any philosophy which sews discord and anger. He made this manifest during His physical time on Earth. We know absolutely that He detests the vile scum who want to drive good, normal people to sorrow and scandal. Since we know this is how Marxism must operate in order to work (they’d terrorise their own citizens if they thought it would effect ‘change’), we can extrapolate that Christ our King and our Lord hates it with the hatred of a just God.

We must pray for the Reds, as silly as that may sound on the outset. Our Lord wants to turn us all white as snow, not crimson as blood.

I do believe your right and that prayer and change are needed. Its not by chance we in the technical stage we are in either. I’m postitive the Lord wants all this under a spotlight constantly so all can see it constantly.

I lived under a communist system over 30 years, my family and later I myself were persecuted by the Communism. Until I came here I believed that the Communism is the evil, and the reason of many evils. Here I understood, that the same thing which made the communism evil are present here too:

  • unjust wars, social injustice, the abuse of the underprivileged ones by the privileged ones in the social level
  • materialism and the denial of God in the ideological level, forced on everyone.

Practically the communism as existing power system was based on two sources, We called them narodniks and grocers.

The narodniks were poor peasants and poor workers, who wanted to fight for the social justice: everyone had to work according to his talents, and everyone had to receive the goods according to his needs. They provided adequate schools for everyone free, work for everyone (no one was jobless), housing for everyone (there were no homeless people), free medical care for everyone. As we said they were stupid but full with good intentions.

The grocers were those who did not believed in any ideology except of their superiority. They joined the fight under social slogans for their advantage. We called them smart people with bad intentions.

[Those who were stupid with bad intentions were rejected by the communist, those who were smart with good intentions themselves rejected the communism]

May be this is news for you, but the communism as economical order was not broken in 1990. Sometimes in the 1960’s they discovered the pri9nciple originally established by Adolf Hitler, that a sufficiently large area can live without the financial capital and interest, simple exchange goods between the companies in an interest-less internal accounting system. This meant 5-10% of the excess good to be used for development, instead of paying tax for the owners of the money. The financial gains were tangible, so the owners of the financial capital united all over the world (like allegedly the proletarians in Marx’s slogan) .

The narodnics were ousted and the grocers transformed their political power to economical power, get the companies for themselves.

The moral is that like everything in this earth the communism too was composed of good and evil, and no economical system is better than the other.

Only God can save the world.

Ok, its up and running. We are looking for new members, if you love freedom and hate marxism, please join us!

I really hate to say you in this way.

But in the first five years when I came here I was less free than in the communism, where I was the enemy of the people.

And after that five years I belonged to the upper 10% of the population financially. 90% below me had less freedom, what they would have in the communism related to the others…

The communism persecuted about 10% of the people, and let live the rest. The capitalism persecutes a different 1%, right now the ones labeled as terrorist, but let live free only the upper 10%. The rest is not able to get the proper shools, the proper medical care. the proper jobs, whatever.

Both systems wanted people to feel free. In one 90% were really free to live according to their talents, with freedom from debt, free education, health care, job; access, housing ; in the other 90% indebted for education, health care, job access, housing.

Read Jeremias, the prophet of the no return. The Western Word will perish no matter what they do. Do not believe the Hannaiahs who prophesy that you are on the right track.

As perfect synopsis of the mindset of the communist radical as I have ever read, and quite applicable to the radicals I have known personally. The Russian author, Turgenev, has a radical character say: “First we must destroy before we can create.”

Exactly! Both radical communism, and whatever we call the system which rules us, focus on “feelings.” Neither system likes truth.

While I agree with you that in practice, communism (at least after Stalin) let most people just live their lives, we cannot disregard the philosophy of its leaders. They claimed the right to control all aspects of life. They claimed the right to suppress the Church.

If they did not actually do the things they claimed, it may have been because the communists faced so much resistance.

In those places where communism destroyed all resistance, like China, and Southeast Asia, the result was terrible for everyone except the rulers.

The problem of the West is different. We have a mixture of plutocracy and communist methods. We deny the authority of the Church. Our laws are failing to protect families. We are developing a radical statism that more and more claims the right to reorganize society, except that it refuses the right to restrain large capitalist interests, which are becoming like governments themselves. One need only think of the efforts of companies to control food through seed and animal dna “patents.”

Though that part of the West will fall, the western people will not, because they have the prayers of their ancestors who have died to protect them.

Er, interesting use of pics of British fascist leaders as signatures over there ain’t there. Good old Oswald Mosley seems right popular for example. Ion Antonescu seems well liked too…ummmmmmm.

We thought you were (metaphorically) :harp: But you are back :hug1:

Hope this isn’t just a “cameo!”

I’ve decided to post a bit less and cut back and try and avoid getting too aerated. I can agree by the way even though I’d class myself a socialist that hard-core ultra dogmatic communism is definitely dubious but I wouldn’t want to align myself with Mosely or Antonescu in doing so.

No, it’s not a fascist forum by any means. Yes, I do believe there are currently fascists on it, but my intent of creating the forum was to gather anti communist arguments from a variety of view points. I want conservatives, moderates, monarchists (like myself), tories and yes, a few fascists. The only groups currently banned are rascists and marxists (although the latter may be allowed on if I ever construct an opposing views forum) That is why I am advertising on a variety of websites. Also if somebody could post a link on Fish Eaters it would be most appreciated as I do not have an account and will not be able to get one until I’m 18 (in three years).

You’re only 15??? Honestly, what do you really know about marxism or communism? Asking people to join a site who are against the “red scare” and calling for those who “hate marxism” sounds more like someone caught up in the excitement of a legendary foe (like the Freemason threat that some have here) than a serious attempt to discuss political systems , which is what marxism is. Have you even studied the Communist Manifesto?

You have a handful of regular posters, 3 or 4 at best from what I saw and if you don’t want those who espouse racialist views then you’d be wise to not have people who laud Antonescu or Mosley as both were strong believers in such views. I don’t think the Church would find some of Mosley’s views all that laudable to be quite frank. I see you are Canadian and so you may not be all that familiar given your young age with the British Union of Fascists and their agenda, I advise you to look them up.

I think socialism in practice provides for the needs of more people than many other systems. The main problem experienced in the US, is that socialism becomes overly beauracratized (to use an americanism). A good example is the teachers union (schools are one of the main avenues of socialism on the local level here - they dispense food aid, child care aid, and are a portal to a host of other government provided services) - the beauracracy of that organization espouses views that most of the members don’t hold, and that a sizeable majority of citizens in general do not hold. Yet, by controlling the union, the aparatniks can dicate policy in a most undemocratic manner.

The second problem we experience is that in the absence of any real economic reform, a huge chunk of the socialism money gets diverted to capital interests, and reduces to a basic “freebie.” The entire health care debacle illustrates the tendency: companies (the bigger the better) get a tax deduction for health care premiums, but can use either the policy terms or different employee classification (ie, “part time vs. full time”) to limit coverage to some employees. The government picks up the tab for those people’s coverage via Medicaid (a quasi socialized medicine). Bottom line: industry wins twice to the average persons loss (average person loses because the existence of a deduction operates as a subsidy, hence premium prices increase over time).

Between the “semi radical” beauracrats, and the entrenched capitalists, we have a situation (in US) where socialistic policies tend to put the “righteous in the hands of the ungodly.”

We just don’t have a shared value system that traces to Catholicism in any direct way, (we really don’t have a shared value system regarding charity or cooperation at all) so our efforts in socialism have often gone awry.

I lived in east Germany for 5 years! They, the people, were very happy as it was before the west decided to, in away, to be polite,there words; INVADE!

I think under correct rule it could only be the best path to go, so that are neighbour ie;country
would benefit from our,not so much suffering,but our tithing for them!

I speak not to contradict others opinions, or stand in the way of us sinners,who have ample opportunity to relax! away from bloodshed that is, or give to the hard up,as im sure many will or do, but to highlight the obvious negative impact such private ownership has, and will have, on others around us,here and abroad for some time yet im sure!

Take know offence yea of faith!!!

Yes, I have read a great deal of philosophy and political theory, including the Communist Manifesto. I do recal one of Socrate’s quotes, “I only know that I know nothing.” I freely admit that there are a great many topics which I am ignorant of, however philosophy and political theory do not number upon that list. In regards to fighting a “legendary foe”, at my school, communism and marxism have become cool. People go around with the hammer and sickle and other communist paraphenalia. There are many I know who openly embrace the communist ideology (mainly my AP and IB classmates) and others who don’t know the first thing about communism but like it because the USSR brought “freedom and liberty” by crushing the nazis. There was even talk about having a communist march day on the school radio! So yes I have read the communist manifesto, and no this is not a “legendary foe”, it is something I have to hear about almost daily.

Two thoughts here. First, you are correct that communism is not a “legendary foe.” While the single party state as means to an end may be moribund in Europe and the Americas, the concept of communism as a method is certainly not. If anything, it is more alive than ever.

Glorious wrote an excellent post a few back describing the mindset of communists.

Second, just because someone is young does not mean he or she cannot grasp the truth. Sometimes, the young grasp it better, which is why Christ exhorted the young to come to him. The Church always welcomed young people, and permitted them to train for the clergy as teenagers, until lured into other thinking by the drift of our vulgar age.

Oh, I do beg your pardon. I wasn’t aware that there were many 15 year olds running around with a working knowledge of “*philosophy and political theory.” * I wonder, though; do you even have a job? Do you pay taxes?

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