Anti-God TV Shows, sick of them

I’m so tired of all these anti-God tv shows lately. Especially “Bones” and “House.” While I admit House is interesting, I’m just sick of all the negativity and lack of respect for faith, Bones makes me madder than most, the main character mostly, always claiming there’s no God and making all people of Faith sound ridiculous and superstitious. And while the second main character Booth sticks up for God, there’s never anything positive, Bones sets forth reasons for God’s nonexistence and they’re never refuted. How does that make it sound to the million of viewers?

There was a new one, “Psychic” that started this fall. I watched on episode. It was great up until the last when he started talking about how he knew there was nothing after death. I turned it off, never to be watched again.

I know, what is up with these shows?? The media wants all of america to cast God aside and welcome their new age doctrines that bring about nothing but depression. I’m so tired of it.

Micheal Savage made some good points today on his radio show, talking about religion, that our country is going to get so sick of all the smut all over, so sick of our country falling apart, becoming poor, and eventually turn back our God, wether it be Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, etc. Where families will commune again, we’ll have one car again, instead of 7, one house instead of 3 plus a vacation house, etc.

I don’t care for much of Mike’s views, but he was right on here.

I can’t speak for House, but in Bones, only Dr. Brennan is openly atheistic. Agent Booth, on the other hand, is an openly devout Catholic and I haven’t heard him say anything against his faith either.

I can’t tell you how hard it was to finally quit “The Simpsons” (about three years ago). I just got too sick of their Christianity-bashing. But once I actually stopped watching it, I didn’t miss it at all.

I think family guy and south park are among the worst… The is a new show on FOX called Fringe, and I was surprised to hear a character on there who plays a scientist say something like “one of the pitfalls of science is differentiating between God’s domain and man’s domain.” As a person who is really into science I thought that was true, and cool to hear during prime time on FOX.

ooo wait…i have plenty of shows i cant stand that i reckon are anti christ -

  • will and grace [although i have got to say that will is really good looking but honestly thats besides the point]
  • 2 and half men
  • Sex and the City
    im sure there are plenty others out there…but yeah…there just a few that are totally degrading…

This topic brings up a thought. Do we as modern day Christians have it just a little too easy? Are there just a few too many distractions? Comparing the life of the early Church with the modern day ipod wearing, tv watching, internet surfing Christian, are we spending too much time with distraction and not enough with prayer, spiritual reading, and works of mercy?

We have a Missionaries of Charity convent in Spokane now and the 5 nuns there do not have a computer or a TV. They have daily mass, have prayer, serve the poor and pray some more then they sleep. They also spend an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament on their knees on a hard wood floor.

I did missionary work in Mexico with a Jesuit in the late 70’s and we were not permitted to watch tv, listen to the radio, or participate in anything secular, and I have to say it was one of the happiest times of my life.

I guess my question here is complete and total conversion compatible with our modern lifestyles?

I just watch Nick@Nite and TVLand for classic TV shows and reruns. But then, I’m out of touch when people start talking about current TV shows, haha.

This topic brings up a thought. Do we as modern day Christians have it just a little too easy? Are there just a few too many distractions? Comparing the life of the early Church with the modern day ipod wearing, tv watching, internet surfing Christian, are we spending too much time with distraction and not enough with prayer, spiritual reading, and works of mercy?

I am certain Modern Christians have it much too easy; and when I say that I mean myself as well. The computer is probably the biggest secular object I attach myself with, but I would be certain that if I took myself to a electronic free monestary that I could find a much better connection with God.

I’ll probably work on trying to reduce the hours on the computer and doing other things of that manner. Hopefully that will help with faith.

I watched about five minutes of that show once, and I was ready to crawl under the coffee table and hide. They use language that I don’t use in bed with my wife — and with three kids, I’m no prude. What’s worse, teenage girls like that show (shudder).

I’ve been grappling with this issue myself, and am praying about and seeking that total conversion. I’m not saying that one has to go to a monestary, but one needs to be totally shed of attatchment to all worldly things, it’s the minimal prerequisite for true conversion.

I haven’t watched TV for years. I do watch the Food Network sometimes, but other than that - nothing. I can’t say I miss it.

Yes, you’re right, porthos. What one can see, though, is that the writers only allow Dr. Brennan to spout about her atheism and never let Agent Booth actually counter with anything of substance; they only portray him as a believer and respectful of others beliefs, but he’s unable to actually answer her objections. Last night’s show was an example of this when Dr. B spoke about the lavish garments of the Pope and of the Catholic belief in the Eucharist - Agent Booth, seemingly, was struck dumb.

It’s not like Bones is 45 minutes of religion bashing though. It’s mostly just one or two comments in an entire episode. Most of the time they’re trying to solve the mystery.

Don’t forget there have been times when entire shows were faith based like “Touched by An Angel”, “Highway to Heaven”, and “Father Murphy”.

TV’s a mixed bag. It has to create shows that will appeal to large enough chunks of the proper demographics to get advertisers to make money.

One or two IS too many. There is a whole lot of people out there that are ignorant and take TV shows as Gospel.

Sadly, that is true. And we don’t have enough faith-based shows, especially on prime time (is there even one?)

Lost is one of my favorite shows and I love how they sometimes place a bit of Catholic stuff on there. If you recall the flashbacks of Hurley, Charlie and Mr. Eko, they have Catholic backgrounds. I wonder why though. I know Damon Lindelof (co-creator) is Jewish. And I don’t know what JJ Abrams is. But do they have a Catholic writer or producer on there, or do they just find Catholicism intriguing that they incorporate it in some of the characters’ stories? :shrug: I just found it weird, but hey I’ll take it :smiley:

Then there’s also the recurrent theme - man of science (Jack) vs man of faith (Locke). Though it doesn’t necessarily mean faith in God, but Locke does have faith in something (maybe in destiny).


Whenever Bones makes a comment or a “speech” about Christianity, down grading it, Booth never refutes the claims and leaves the viewers thinking that he’s irrational and delusional like all atheists think.

I like the computer because I can’t find any Catholic friends like you guys. No one seems to care around here and I need to be with people of the faith, otherwise I get depressed, quickly! So it’s tough. The people around here just go to Mass, then back home, like a simply ritual. never seem to talk or chat about anything spiritual, and that’s what I miss from my old Protestant Church. :frowning:

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