Anti-Homeless Cages Spark Outcry in France


The French town of Angoulême stirred up controversy on Christmas Eve by putting cages around public benches to keep homeless people at bay.

Shopkeepers in Angoulême, in central France, said they were fed up with drunks monopolising the benches and scaring customers away.

A spokesman for the city told AFP the seating areas were used “pretty much exclusively by drunks every day”.

But local reactions were indignant at this breach of the Christmas spirit. Former Angoulême MP Guillaume Garot said the move was “shameful", adding: "This isn’t my France.”


I can see both sides of this issue.



They look permanent. I can’t imagine a group of city workers coming by every morning picking them up. Quite stupid looking; why not just remove them if they were going to go so far? The homeless could almost sleep on top of them. :shrug:


In the old days in the US with beat cops, the drunks would get rousted by the patrolman as he passed by giving them a tap with his baton and a few stern words. This is now seen as “hateful” and “discriminatory”. I know of a city that put spikes on the courthouse ledges to discourage pigeons, but allowed homeless to sleep, urinate, and defecate all over the stairs, walkways, and benches. People are crazy.


The homeless are monopolizing the benches, so they build cages around them to keep them at bay…which means no one can use the benches.

Now they say they are going to fill them up with rocks to make gabions.

Why not just get rid of the benches? :shrug:


The article says the benches were used “pretty much exclusively by drunks everyday”… But homeless does not equal “drunks”. :confused:

You see, its sinful to be a drunk but there is no sin in being homeless, so the article targets them as “drunks” in order to encourage discrimination. Theyre sinners -so now theyre free game. :frowning:

…why not build some public showers and water fountains instead? :shrug: oh yeah, i forgot how appealing the homeless lifestyle is -wouldnt want to encourage it. :rolleyes:


Well, when you have to go… :shrug:
Maybe someone should have brought in a porta-john… Its not like the homeless situation would have been a mystery to anyone.

On a side note, i always find it annoying in bigger cities how no businesses seem to want to allow anyone to use their bathrooms. :shrug: one time, a gas station attendant told me the bathroom was “out of order”… I handed him a 10 dollar bill, and then all of a sudden it was working…:shrug:


England puts up spikes where homeless sleep or rest. I’ll see if I can find the thread or similar pics.

Compassion, understanding, and a real look into a positive solution is the key. Shelters and a clear understanding of the marginalized plight is always a great beginning.


Why not time activated spring loaded spikes that come up if you sit for more than an allotted time? Or such a device that requires a coin or note to stop it activating. Our civilization surely can devise similar devices to make the lives of the poor and rejected more miserable.
In Australia we call them aged care homes.


After reading the link, they should put the mayor and all those council people in those cages for a few days and see how they feel then and afterwards. Even though the homeless aren’t being caged up themselves that type of coldness and lack of human decency if left alone it will get to that point. Put them in there and perhaps it might stir up a tad of decency and humanity in them. Even so, they may be too evil to realize it.:mad:


Deus, If the cities would provide the homeless and marginalized with 24 hr. bathrooms their would be little to no problems with the problems you mentioned above. Since the state, and county have put out the mentally disabled onto the streets there will always be some kinds of surprises found on buildings sidewalks. One guy defecated in front of our city hall in response to there antagonistic approach to our homeless. He didn’t handle it to well and it only inflamed more hatred by the pompous city representatives. Shelters and true concern for their needs is the best answer.








Most cities do have homeless shelters, and the one I mentioned does but drunks and druggies do not want to follow the RULES of the homeless shelter.


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