Anti-immigration groups go green

The ads place the blame for traffic and sprawl, frequent villains for urban-oriented members of the left, on population growth, another such villain. The kicker? That population growth is blamed on immigration.

One ad features a picture of a bulldozer plowing through a pristine forest over the headline, “One of America’s Best Selling Vehicles.” Below the picture, the ad says, “You can find big earthmoving equipment throughout America, turning our most picturesque land into suburban sprawl, while adding to some of the worst traffic problems in the world. But traffic is just one of the problems facing America as a result of population growth wildly out of control.”

It goes on to blame overpopulation for overcrowded schools and emergency rooms, deteriorating public infrastructure and high property taxes, and then points to a Pew study projecting 82 percent of population growth through 2050 will result from immigration. It ends with the tagline “300 million people today, 600 million tomorrow. Think about it.” The 600 million figure is a projection from census data of the U.S. population in the year 2100.

The ads, which have also appeared in The New York Times, The New Republic, The American Prospect, USA Today, Foreign Policy and Harper’s, have already generated some controversy on the left. The Nation published an editorial note in its June 16 issue explaining that they did not agree with the ad’s content but have a policy of not rejecting ads on ideological grounds. “The ads are insidious,” Katrina vanden Heuvel, the Nation’s publisher and editor, told Politico. “You have to read them carefully.”

Appealing to the environment is a wonderful tactic to attact left-wing people. I suppose this is one politically correct way of supporting immigration reduction while the other includes citing George Borjas’ research regarding the effects of immigration on wages.

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