Anti-Islam group publishes addresses of Muslims and 'Muslim sympathisers'

An anti-Islam group which staged an armed protest outside a Dallas Islamic centre has posted names and addresses of Muslims and “Muslim sympathisers” on its Facebook page, adding to growing tensions in north Texas following the Paris terror attacks.

The group, which calls itself the Bureau of American Islamic Relations, staged an armed protest outside an Islamic centre in the Dallas suburb of Irving last Saturday. “We’re here protesting Syrian refugees coming to America, protesting the Islamisation of America,” David Wright, a spokesman, told local FOX4 News.

The list of more than 50 names is taken from a record of people who spoke or signed up to express an opinion at an Irving city council meeting in March where the council voted to endorse a planned state bill emphasising the already enshrined primacy of domestic laws above foreign laws.

Let us all pray for the safety of those on the list and for the conversion of the people who did this.

I wonder how many of them wave a Bible and claim to be Christian.

There is a quote attributed (but never confirmed) by Sinclair Lewis that, unfortunately, might be becoming true: “When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”


Sigh. Yet another example of conservatism being high jacked.

Among other things, what do they even mean by “Muslim sympathizers”? I can sympathize with Muslims without sympathizing with radical Muslims.

Hi-jacked? Or showing their true inner depravity?

What happened to all people being God’s children? Don’t we need to respect people of all faiths as equals? Their intolerance is unnerving.

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