Anti-Israel protesters rally across France, defying ban imposed after synagogue clash

Tens of thousands rally in London against Israel’s Gaza op

I don’t know what the percentage of the population in france or england is muslim, but i know that 100% of the protesters are not muslims so
probably the same people who try to create chaos in our country are behind the protests in england.

The president of the navajo nation raised the israeli flaf alongside the navajo nation flag and the american flag the other day during a unity celebration. I guess the president of the navajo nation was a guest of israel at sometime and while he was in israel they taught him a lot about the land and farming. Of course, now there are those native americans who are angry at him for flying the flag. It seems like the protesters follow the same script for whatever they are protesting.

French youth, police clash at anti-Israeli protest

Looting in Paris as Europeans protest against Gaza conflict

I wonder why the protestors aren’t protesting boko haram killing over 2000 in nigeria or what ISIS is doing to the catholics in mosul snd throughout iraq.

Anti-Semitism makes me sick.

‘Gas the Jews!’: European anti-Semitism during the Gaza crisis

Eight synagogues in France have been targeted in the past week," The New York Times reports. Over the July 19-20th weekend, “a radical fringe among pro-Palestinian protesters in the French capital clashed with police, targeting Jewish shops, lighting smoke bombs, and throwing stones and bottles at riot police,” the Times reported.

"They are not screaming ‘death to the Israelis’ on the streets of Paris, " Roger Cuikerman, head of French Jewish political group CRIF, said. “They are screaming ‘death to the Jews.’”

According to the Associated Press, anti-Semitic slogans have popped up in protests inside Germany. “Gas the Jews,” has been chanted at some protests, according to the Associated Press.

The best data on anti-Semitic incidents, from the Kantor Center at Tel Aviv University, suggests there’s been a general trend towards more anti-Semitic attacks worldwide over the past 25 years… About 30 percent of the attacks in 2012, the last year data was recorded, took place in France.

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