Anti-Obama ad: 'Gather your armies'

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Well, I'm no expert but I bet there were a few who did not officially resign.


What's an unofficial resignation, then?

Heres an official one:

*Genera(Scott)l: *

*Since my interview with you on the 18th instant I have felt that I ought not longer to retain my commission in the Army. I therefore tender my resignation, which I request you will recommend for acceptance. *

*It would have been presented at once, but for the struggle it has cost me to separate myself from a service to which I have devoted all the best years of my life & all the ability I possessed. *

*During the whole of that time, more than 30 years, I have experienced nothing but kindness from my superiors, & the most cordial friendship from my companions. To no one Genl have I been as much indebted as to yourself for uniform kindness & consideration, & it has always been my ardent desire to merit your approbation. *
*I shall carry with me to the grave the most grateful recollections of your kind consideration, & your name & fame will always be dear to me. Save in the defense of my native State, I never desire again to draw my sword. *

*Be pleased to accept my most earnest wishes for the continuance of your happiness & prosperity & believe me most truly yours *

*R. E. Lee

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Were you in the Service? You should therefore know that deciding on your own to disobey an order on the grounds that it is unlawful is a very serious thing to do, the charge against you will be very serious, it puts the entire burden of proof on yourself, and it is difficult, if not impossible, for you to prove. The military operates under the assumption that all orders given are legitimate. They cannot tolerate individual soldiers deciding which order they will obey and which they will not.


Yes. I don't think it would be that difficult. Have you been in the military recently? I remember them flat out telling us in training that if we felt an order, given by a commissioned officer was morally wrong and against our own better judgment that we can and should refuse.

Personally? Gulp! I can already see you standing at the top of the gallows. How are you to decide of an instant that these civilians are a threat or not?

    (1)  S—Size.  Report the number of personnel, vehicles, aircraft, or size of an object.

    (2)  A—Activity.  Report detailed account of actions, for example, direction of movement, troops digging in, artillery fire, type of attack, NBC activity, etc.

    (3)  L—Location.  Report where you saw the activity.  Include grid coordinates or reference from a known point including the distance and direction from the known point.

    (4)  U—Unit.  Report the enemy's unit.  If the unit is unknown, report any distinctive features, such as uniforms, patches or colored tabs, headgear, vehicle identification markings, etc.

    (5)  T—Time.  Report the time the activity was observed, not the time you report it.  Always report local or Zulu time.

    (6)  E—Equipment.  Report all equipment associated with the activity, such as weapons, vehicles, tools.  If unable to identify the equipment, provide as much detail as you can so an identification can be made by higher headquarters.

I spent a few years in training, doing OPFOR missions, getting soldiers ready to ship out. I know a threat when I see one. I've had to aim an M60 at my own fellow American soldiers and pull the trigger while paying attention to how they responded.

How many men served on each side? How many actions did the soldiers see? How long was the war? 200 incidents? Insignificant.

200 incidents, let's presume the book was correct in that they were all incidents of mutiny. One incident could contain more than one person. I don't see 200 incidents as insignificant. But, you were presenting you're case as if there were none.

Quite to the contrary. American soldiers honor their oaths loyally.

What were you saying about fantasy? I'm not going to argue with you, that 99% of the time they would and do honor their oaths. But I don't think you are correct in trying to make it out as though every soldier would honor their oath even if it meant firing upon a fellow American. I already said that some would, but I'm realistic enough to know that some wouldn't.

No more than would be expected from that most gentlemanly warrior. Lee was unique as a man, a military officer, and as a great general.

Well we could probaly have a nice discussion about "The Marble Man:. A lot of our view of Lee is entangled with Lost Cause Mythology. For instance this gentlemanly warrior ordered any blacks captured during the gettysburg campaign put in chains and sent South-regardelss of their status.

Although I think he overstates his case Nolan’s “Lee Considered” takes an in depth view at this.

I stand corrected. I guess I bought into the myth because I didn’t look beyond the hype.

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