Anti-Ordinary Form claims


I heard a claim from someone close to me that the local Archbishop said hell isn’t real. This person is associated with the SSPX. There seem to be many anti-Novus Ordo claims by these… are they true or just anti-NO exaggerations? I mean even if the Archbishop did say hell doesn’t exist, that doesn’t discredit the current NO setting, because there are good and not so good priests; those who deny Church teaching seem to fall into the latter.


its hearsay, ignore it. why give it any mind, unless you heard it from the lips of the Archbishop yourself.


As the saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.


It depends what he meant, surely? If he meant not real in the sense that it is not under the earth or a pit of fire somewhere that people could go and see, then I’d agree with him.

Hell is a spiritual state, not a physical place.


Anybody can claim anything. If they have no proof, ignore it.


How on earth would we know?


We wouldn’t know if an Archbishop said that without proof but we know Hell is real because it is infallibly taught by the Church.


I don’t know who the archbishop is but if he did say that there was no hell then I recommend not paying attention to him the next time he talks about the afterlife.


Of course, I meant the former. Some of these posters seem to think we’re omniscient.


Thanks. I wasn’t sure.


Don’t worry. I’m not a heretic yet!


Like that other thread asking if a lady she knew was really sorry for her sins.

I’m glad some people think we’re gods.


Ah yes, the abortion one! Sometimes I think this forum gets worse by the day…


I can assure you it does. I’ve been here since 2004, and over the years, it’s turned from a decent apologetics discussion site to a magnet for the mentally and emotionally troubled.

Multiple times, I’ve been tempted to just throw in the towel where this madhouse is concerned.


One wonders were we’ll all be a year from now. It already seems like scrupulous threads have overtaken normal ones. And I won’t even mention our homegrown political activists who insist on spamming us with their agenda. Or the ‘my priest walked too fast at the procession so now I’m leaving the Church’ nonsense. Mind you, some of the traditionalist threads can be pretty wacky as well…


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