Anti-Pope Guy on street corner


Last week there was a guy with a sign at the corner
It said:
I slammed on brakes, whipped into a filling station, and plotted a course of action. I got gas as a I thought about it. Should I say something or let it go. I thought and I thought. Finally I saw people honking in support as he waved! He tried to hand some guy some literature. I decided I had to do something but I was not going to walk up to him in confrontation. (Who knew what might have happened.)
When the light changed I pulled up right next to him and gave a him an earful. I honked, he waved, I gave him the thumbs down, he gave me the the thumbs up, that was all I needed. I hollared, “God bless the Pope,” “God Bless Holy Mother Church.” I called him a “Fundamentalist Anti-Catholic Bigot,” all this stuff, he stiffened up. I told him I wasn’t mad at him I just wanted to know. I said we believe in the Trinity and the Bible, “heck, we wrote the Bible.” I said, if it wasn’t for the Catholic church he wouldn’t be standing there as a Christian. My reasoning being that the Church quelled the Heretics in the early centuries. I was on a roll but the light changed. I pulled off, we looked at each other, he had this sour expression. I blessed him with the sign of the cross.
I was hot. My heart was beating out of my chest. There was so much more I wanted to say. At least he got something. It would have been a shame if he went back to his church all proud about his stance and no opposition. It probably amounted to nothing.

What else could I’ve done, or did I do enough?


I think I would have gotten a 64oz Big Gulp of the stickiest stuff I could find at that filling station and had it “accidentally” eject out of my window as I drove by.


Go home and made my own sign that said “Proud Papist” and just stood by him without saying a word and see how long he could take it.


Make a sight that says, “We also hate America’s soldiers and protest at thier funerals” and just stood by him without saying a word and see how long he could take it.

There is no sense in trying to actually dialogue with the hateful brainless bigots.


:smiley: That’s fun stuff. I’ll have to remember that.

Qwikness, you did what you thought was right. And you didn’t have a ton of time to figure it out. Probably the most important thing is to pray for him and his soul. (I hate to think the judgement he’ll receive for heresy and the damage to souls he’s caused.)

I get so upset when people do those things, but I heard a poster once quote a friend. The friend said that if the devil isn’t attacking you, be very worried about the state of your soul. I love that! And sometimes I like to apply that to the Church. If the devil isn’t attacking your church, be very worried about the state of your religion. (And the Catholic Church gets attacked a lot!)

Thank you for standing up for Catholicism.


Personally, methinks you might have done too much. Heck, if you wanted to confront all those who think the Pope is the Antichrist, you’d have to start with all the Lutheran churches.

Don’t let these folks get under your skin; you did what you thought was right at the time, but I rather like the idea of standing right next to him with a “Pro-Pope” sign of your own. That says more than you saying anything ever could.

“Finally I saw people honking in support as he waved!” Dont’ forget you honked too, and people might have thought YOU were honking in support. :slight_smile:


I thought about a sign that said “this guy is an Idiot” with an arrow pointing at him. but I didn’t have time to stand out there with a sign. I wanted to get out there and start fussing at him and hopefully people would have seen somebody standing up to this stuff. Also I was kind of worried he might be crazy and would do something weird. Not to mention I wasn’t sure of legal rights.
and Newbie I didn’t want to honk but I had to get his attention.


Trouble is, to beat a sign like that all he’d have to do is move to the other side. :smiley:

Yeah, be careful…kooks are kooks.


The only people here that does this sort of thing is the Fred Phelps group. The other day, on another forum I think, someone had a clip of Freddie gettint “interviewed.” Well, ole Freddie got to preaching and wouldn’t let the interviewer to get a word in edgewise. Finally, the interviewer said, “Turn off his micraphone.!!” (I hope I spelled that right!)


What??? :eek: I grew up in the Lutheran Church and I never heard anyone there even suggest that the Pope is the Antichrist. What nonsense.


Ya, the poor guy probably thought he was dealing with the devil. My opinion is that after a tussle like this we go away justified in our own minds, but we have just placed another barrier between him and coming to the Lord in the Catholic Church. Too bad we could not have hauled him before the inquisition.

Who knows maybe it will make him think, but somehow I think its like trolling with a barbless hook and no bait. :slight_smile:


It’s in the Book of Concord (specifically, in the Smalcald Articles).

You didn’t say which Lutheran Church you grew up in… so here are reference links to the websites of each of the ELCA, LCMS, and WELS:
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (see #6)
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod


There is a Lutheran board that calls the Pope the anti christ all the time. They are very anti Catholic. Maybe some Lutherans don’t feel this way, but many do.

As the other post mentioned the true Church will be persecuted and I think that the only Church that meets that requirement is the One Holy Catholic Church. Of course there are some Catholics that are not very christian towards protestant churches but on the whole I think Catholics are the most loving of all Christians towards other Christians as a group. There are many good protestants who love Catholics, but go to all the websites and you will find such hatred against the Church.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


After the fact I thought of the verses where Jesus is accussed by the Pharisees of working with the power of Beelzebub when he cast out the devils. Jesus replied that the devil wouldn’t work against other devils because a house divided will not stand. I had to look it up Matt 12:25.
So Why would the Pope be christian and be the Anti-Christ? It doesn’t make sense.


Martin Luther in a Letter to George Spalatin at Altenburg, Feb. 24, 1519:

"We are persuaded that the papacy is the seal of the true and genuine Antichrist, against whose deceit and iniquity we think all things are lawful unto us for the salvation of souls."

From which came:

"43. As to the Antichrist we teach that the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures concerning the Antichrist, 2 Thess. 2:3-12; 1 John 2:18, have been fulfilled in the Pope of Rome and his dominion. "

I grew up Lutheran too, and also never heard of this doctrine until recently. :shrug:


OK…I withdraw my “what nonsense” comment. Still, I bet you’d be hard pressed to find a Lutheran today who believes the Pope is the Antichrist.


I love it when people say that the pope is the beast…

i just want to respond with…

which Pope…

In Christ


I have at times, had a bicycle as my primary transportation, I’ve been up close to protestors of the Iraq war and though they might get honking, unless they say “honk for peace”; I would not necessarily take a honk as a positive and of all things…I saw them receive some unkind signals as well.

But a bicycle allows someone to get up close and personal with a protestor if the situation permits.


Remember, nothing the guy did could offset the good will that the Pope did on this trip. You don’t see New York City shutting down for the head of the “Church of Whatever” do you?

Pope Benedict XVI did a wonderful job and we should just be thankful that we are blessed with a wonderful shepherd like him.


That Qwikness of yours is going to get you into a lot of trouble one of these days. You exhibited a gross over-reaction and displayed yourself as less than charitable in the bargain. See a counselor about your anger issues before you end up in jail.



I admire this action as I am always the weakest of God’s creatures.


I appreciate the negative commentary. However I asked the question on an apologetic messageboard of what one should have done.
So what, if anything, would you have done or said?

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