Anti Popes talk on you tube

What is all this stuff on YouTube about Anti Popes?
Is this work of Devil or is there truth to it?

Anti-Popes were people who, throughout history, wrongfully claimed to be the Bishop of Rome. It is nothing to be concerned about, the Church has and always will weather through such storms unharmed.

It’s youtube. Anyone with a camera can say whatever they want. Youtube is NOT a legitimate source of information.


How can the antipopes be talking on youtube?

I thought they were long since dead. I’ve got to see this.


Felix V. On youtube before it was cool.

Nuremberg chronicles f 242v 2 (Felix V).jpg


There is actually an anti-pope who is considered a saint. St. Hipollytus of Rome declared himself Pope in opposition to the current Pontiff, whom he was in disagreement with concerning how to handle the modalist heresy. He was an anti-pope for 19 years. A new Roman emperor eventually captured both Hipollytus and the real Pope, St. Pontian, and were sent to the mines in Sardinia. During imprisonment, Hipollytus rejected his claim on the papacy and sought the forgiveness of Pontian. Both worked in the mines, ministering to the other prisoners until their deaths. Both saints share the same feast day and are always celebrated together to honor the friendship and companionship they exhibited during their ministry in prison.


Does he have his own blog?

He has a Twitter account. @Pontifelix

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No there are a handful of living antipopes with tiny followings. There’s a Pope Michael in, I think it’s Kansas, with maybe a parish worth of followers.

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Ahh, yes, they are not bad at all. Here we are in lent, too…

I’d sooner have the Easter Bunny, three Leprechan’s in pink tuxedos, and Mickey Mouse over for tea before I put any stock in anti popes.

Indeed there were antipopes in the past. But what a notion! Indeed!!

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