Anti-religion rant


Let’s stop pretending there’s no religious test for nominees.

What in God’s name—you should forgive the expression—is all this about there being “no religious test” for appointments to high public office? Most particularly in the case of the U.S. Supreme Court, there is the most blatant religious test imaginable. You may not even be considered for the bench unless you have a religion of some kind. Surely no adherent of any version of “originalism” can possibly argue that the Framers of the Constitution intended a spoils system to be awarded among competing clerical sects.

(WARNING: some people may find the full opinion rant objectionable)



What I find objectionable today is the fact that not only is there a litmus test that tries to get rid of anyone who has religious beliefs and morals but there is a definite anti-Catholic, anti-Christian bias in this country that is frightenning.


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