Anti Social Personality Disorder and the gospel

I know someone who had anti-social personality disorder. I read that persons who had such disorder find it hard to empathize although they do know what others feel but can feel themselves. They also have that excessive need for stimulation and thrill–that’s why they engage in dangerous and harmful ventures…Im asking if daily gospel reading and faith sharing have been effective in treatment of such people? or do persons with ASPD have an inability to apply/understand morality lessons.

Someone that struggles with this personality disorder or any other one probably should be in therapy to help them over come it. If you know of someone like this, the best thing to to be a healthy friend, model empathy to them and others and pray for them.

I came across an article on teaching empathy to ADHD children. It is one of those writings that I put in the read later bin. A spiritual group, spiritual readings, prayers would have positive results. Most of the time, individual needs have to be addressed. Continue praying for this person. I am behind you 100%.

If you do an internet search on anti social personality disorder (this is not ADHD) it shows that people with this disorder are highly unresponsive to any kind of treatment. There have been studies and there are mixed results with having a religious factor involved, which may rarely help some youth with this disorder with self control, but otherwise is not helpful. It also depends on the reason for the ASPD - sometimes it is due to brain injury and is beyond the ability of the person to control. Counseling often does not help them either because in most cases they just learn how to work the system and are not willing to commit to a long-term plan to teach them insight into their problems.
So, maybe studying the scriptures may have a small effect on someone who is younger, but not someone who is already established in this diagnosis, who sees all problems as being someone else’s or society’s fault and not his own.

I’m curious if they’ve actually been diagnosed by a trained medical professional?

It may seem a strange question, but usually when I see claims that “x person has x personality disorder”, I find out later that it’s just someone’s view and not an actual diagnosis.

If they haven’t, be very careful making such a claim. A personality disorder is a huge stigma to put on someone and it isn’t a helpful stigma if they don’t actually suffer from it. It does no good for anyone.

If they have been officially diagnosed then I’d encourage them to seek help from appropriate professionals.

I was thinking that the same suggestions for teaching empathy to an ADHD person could apply to many disorders. I do agree with everything you said, Sunbreak. Very well stated.

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