Antiabortion crowd takes to SF streets for annual march

God Bless those that attended and thank you EWTN for covering so much of the event and march live!

I only caught a few minutes of the march on radio. One of the organizers instructed the marchers to pick up their trash, not confront those who disagreed with them, obey the police officers, and thank them for their service. That alone sets them apart from all the other mass demonstrations.


Unfortunately this won’t be covered by the MSM

A quick google search turned up nothing from ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox, NY Times, WaPo… maybe someone else can find something.

I guess they want us to think women are all shrill and vile!!!

How did it do in social media? Sometimes word of stories that don’t get much emphasis on TV spreads via social media much better.

Abortion is the Democrats darling and still puzzles me why Catholics are Democrats !

Check out this video I found from the March:

Good for them. I assume the ‘other march’ went on somewhere in SF as well?

I was there, and it was AWESOME !

The Pro-Woman March was right, and I mean RIGHT after we Pro-Lifers. They were meeting, walking and ending their event in exactly the same places we were. We started walking at 1:30, and they were to start their event at 3:00. Our people are usually still walking at 3:30-4:00, so things must have been pretty dang close.

If you watch any video of our Pro-Life Walk, notice that the police have their backs to we Pro-Lifers and are facing those protesting us. They knew that any threat would come from the Pro-Choice people and that we Pro-Life have their backs. Also for the first time, the police had their riot gear with them, a helicopter overhead, and some of the officers walking with us carried semi-automatic rifles.

The Pro-Choice’s can see that half of those walking are under 25, and it must make them VERY angry that the tide is beginning to turn away from abortion.

The coverage was pretty impressive. Kudos to all the lovely people who went, and to all the news outlets who gave them their due.

So the national media covered it? I’m sure the board would be very happy to read those links.

Did any of the “pro-life” march call for reform of the U.S. tax code so that unborn babies can be claimed as dependents? If not, why not? If life truly starts at conception, then the logical first place to begin would be with the tax code – and allowing parents to claim their unborn babies as dependents.

Was the obscenely expensive cost of childbirth addressed in the “pro-life” march?

Also, did any of the speakers call for making adoption more accessible to everyone, including to gay and lesbian parents who would save the babies from being slaughtered. The PRO-LIFE Governor of Arizona recently signed an executive order allowing gays and lesbians to adopt kids more easily – have another pro-life governors followed suit?

Adoption is incredibly expensive, as well. There are already 35 people trying to adopt for each baby, or so I’ve heard, but I know many who would love to adopt but cannot afford the thousands of dollars. If we are unable to have more children, I’d want to adopt, but I don’t see us ever being able to afford it, especially with Virginia’s requirement that each child have his or her own room.

That is a good point about prenatal and childcare costs, as well. That applies to both the decision on whether you can afford to have the baby and also adoption. After all, many adoptive parents have to agree to cover prenatal care to be chosen by the mother.

Yes. All the other mass demonstrations were full of vile people clashing with police and destroying property…

On not.

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