Anticatholics and the "nicolaitians"


one argument that i’ve heard from anticatholics is that in revelation 2:6 it condemns the actions of the nicolaitians . Some say that the word “nicolations” means “to rule the laity” meaning the a distinction between the clergy and the laity. On the otherhand there have been many chruch fathers who taught that the nicolaitians were a group of gnostic heretics who held to teh anitonian heresy and whoes leader was nicolas. Anyone else have any info about them?


If my memory is correct I read that the Nicolaitions were followers of Nicholas one of the first seven decons commissioned by the Apostles. He fell away and compromised his teachings with what some of the pagan sects were doing and allowed the eating of food that was sacrificed and other practices that were not allowed.

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An article from the Catholic Encyclopedia: Nicolaites (Also called Nicolaitans) shows that this was a sect that died out and has nothing to do with the so-called “division” between clergy and laity.


Just out of curiosity, where did you pick up this bit of misinformation?


As far as I know there is no historical basis for this whatsoever, although it’s a common assertion in some low-church Protestant circles (particularly Plymouth Brethren, in my experience). Etymologically it’s possible that the word could mean that, but it seems more likely to me to mean the opposite: “victory to the people,” i.e., giving the laity more authority than orthodox Christians did. Or most likely it has nothing to do with clergy/laity issues.



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