Antichrist Corporations and what politicians don't want you to know

A drug dealer decides he wants to expand his business and sets up shop by a school playground. He knows that he will need to avoid detection from concerning teachers and parents. He seduces his targets with charismatic appeal in such a way that he avoids detection. Then one day the teachers and parents notice they have a Problem.

A corporation knows that what they are retailing is damaging and controversial, but their commitment to shareholders compels them to hire a team of clinical psychologists and marketing experts. They come up with a plan to target youth by using associative branding techniques. They decide that branding Formula One race cars with Marlboro, Camel, Benson & Hedges, etc., would be very effective. The strategy is to influence the children, whom, with their parents, would be caught up in the excitement and family fun of the event, which is reinforced with love and security from the parents. Later, these children, now adolescents, find themselves attracted to the brands to which they feel a positive emotional connection, despite all health warnings. In a few years these persons, quite addicted, discover that they cannot quit smoking and are stuck with a $ 500 or more per month addiction and quite possibly illness for the rest of their life. – All this due to a sophisticated advertizing strategy rooted years ago before they were even aware. This industry is officially responsible for just under 400,000 deaths per year.

These same clinical experts are now involved with your Entertainment, Politics, and Religions. They want “in” on your sense of Righteous Indignation and to navigate it.
Richard Nixon knew that the Republican Party was in trouble and needed to come up with a solution to keep his party intact. His hired masterminds saw that an opportunity came up with a trial that had been kicked up to the US Supreme Court. It was a chance to gain a demographic of dependable voters. It was in Nixon’s favor because the majority of Justices were Republican. Votes in favor were 7 to 2: I cite “Roe vs. Wade”; as a result, on Jan 23 1973, abortion is legalized.
I can tell that these same clinical professionals are now navigating the issues of Abortion, same sex marriage and contraception. How I wish that these issues were isolated because of their intrinsic moral and spiritual importance! But, I suspect the only reason these issues are isolated is because they have a direct relationship to your vote. There really was something smart about Tricky Dickey.

I read somewhere that fuel was the number one commodity in the world. Energy is relative to all commerce. What I think is fast coming in second as a commodity group is the multitude of lives distressed by addiction and mental, physical illness, as well as all the businesses that thrive off their demise. In considering your Health Care bill and what’s really increasing its cost, you’re going to need to look past the religious professionals, Politicians and the marketing departments that don’t want you to notice what they are doing.

Your Opinions are welcome
God Bless us all

My opinion of conspiricy theorists and those who see menace and the anti-Christ in the person of large corporations is so low that it would get me kicked off of this site for beihg uncharitable. Therefore, I stand mute.

George, I agree. Tin foil sales are up! And once you mix religion with it :eek:


Is not this thread about social justice? Or do you want to rename it “politically correct social justice”? These issues are about confrontation and opinion and supporting a cause for the common good. And if you’re going to publicly criticise an opinion as from a conspiracy theorist, you should at least share what it is that you consider as merely speculative and of no value whatsoever for pro-life, caring humans to at least think about. You owe the reader that.

And, by the way, there are many great corporations. I am not opposed to corporations. It’s the companies that live off of the misery of people they have targeted as addict-customers that I am pointing to as anti-life entities. After all, you can always choose to grow cucumbers and tomatoes instead of tobacco! Over 400,000 people dying per year in the US alone: Does not this issue at least warrant a pro-life, Jesus Christ-filled opinion. Please, at least give me one star! :slight_smile:

And your solution is?

Haul out the Tin foil helmets and fallout bunkers!

Hi Miguel

I was an activist against the smoking industry here in Canada. Ten years ago Benson & Hedges were the sponsors of a national fireworks competition drawing close to 250,000 viewers to our bay for each performance. I was typical of most pedestrian’s observers at the time. I was looking after children who would charge to park cars for the event. At the time during the event, product plugging was being pumped both in audio and visual.
I became aware during this occasion that I was watching a sophisticated advertizing strategy aimed at youth. Every special moment in a Childs life is celebrated with light and color, for example birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween add on the joy and security of the parents who are usually with their children during these occasions. We demonstrated how this type of strategic marketing worked to our government, and forwarded a copy of our findings over to well known confrontational Anglican Bishop. Our government instituted restrictions and Benson & Hedges withdrew sponsorship. The next following year these restrictions became law.
When I observe the Pro Life movement in the US I am often struck that there seems to be a lot of protectionism of corporate accountability. For example your private health care industry does provide abortions services but from watching your media you would be led to think that only planned Parenthood provided abortions services. Industries like the smoking industry, is having a devastating impact on health care in your country but this truth is protected from being exposed by those who lead the Pro Life argument. As a Catholic and brother to all Catholics you’re being misinformed. Why are your religious leaders protecting these industries that technically are committing genocide?” Just read your federal governments reports. Contraception, Same Sex Marriage, and Abortion are the only issues that seemed to be important and I am absolutely convinced, it’s because the Republican Business Model needs voters due to their shrinking voter demographics. They want complete economic freedom to do business as usual but some corporations shouldn’t have this right. If unrestricted these same companies will in fact encourage disease industrialization, simply because the money is out there to do it.
In regard to your question as a Catholic you should demand from your Pro Life representatives why they are protecting corporations that are industrializing addiction and disease, which is also contributing to the degradation of millions in your country and creating such a disparity in your healthcare system that they have no choice but to raise their premiums.
To me being Pro Life is to be Anti Death meaning any one person or industry that wants to make sickness or addiction a profitable business should be considered an evil enterprise.
America is an amazing country that has blessed the world with innovations beyond imagination. Companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Costco, GM, Ford, and so on, are corporations that employ and bless, while some companies are targeting children for future addiction and horrible lives. This awareness of what some corporations do should be part of the Pro Life argument. At least Boeing is not targeting your child for a future disease.
If a company hires a CEO for example in a industry that has a death statistics of close to 400,000 casualties a year, what kind of person is he? Is he Pro Life? And would not his agenda be to increase profits by attracting new smokers? And would he not also hire marketing experts to do just that. People are smart including bad ones.

Djmason, tobacco companies are not very popular because, as you pointed out, their product is addictive and destructive, if not deadly. I am not sure if anyone here wants to offer a moral defense of these corporations.

However, could you clarify how you see tobacco companies tied to the pro-life movement? Please leave out Richard Nixon and his supposed conspiracy to engineer a Roe v Wade decision which could later unify the Republican Party. In the absence of any evidence in support of such a conspiracy, making that claim hurts the credibility of your argument.

So, could you explain how the pro-life movement is, this year, being manipulated by tobacco companies? Is your objection that the pro-life movement does not have broader health concerns than abortion, pregnancy and other beginning-of-life issues?

Regarding the smoking industry, the issue is rooted in economics. It’s not just a bad habit as how most of us see it. People who become addicted and many do, cannot quit. They will be forced to spend a monthly rate of $500 and possibly more to maintain their addiction and almost 90 % of the population will maintain this monthly payout for the rest of their life. It is also the number one catalyst for alcohol and drug addiction. These are known facts. Where the disease industrialization comes in, is in regard to all the physical and mental illnesses that will manifest as addiction progresses. Quite simply people will deteriorate. And it’s this issue of sickness that is putting pressure on your health care.
This industry prefers a republican platform because they need deregulation. Then there is the spin off medical and pharmaceutical industries that will profit from a nation consumed with ill health.

Just a simple economic profile of your average none professional worker who smokes: 500. 00 on his or hers habit 7 to 800 for medical insurance. He’s already 1300 dollars a month into his obligations and there's food, kids and a mortgage. It's simple, this person can't quit and he can't afford to continue. New businesses are fostered by the available disposable income that is circulating. The necessities of life such as toilet paper, energy, all food groups, are important to survive and are first in line to the house hold budget. as an addict add on 5oo if both man and wife smoke $ 1000.00 a month.

Now for the Catholic issues: People oppressed with addiction and poverty, will cultivate promiscuity, crime, abortion, homelessness, mental and physical illness. And to drive the point further, cause defective pregnancies and all of this will begin to populate which is clearly seen statistically. George Bush wanted to curb stem cell research but I found it curious that he made into law, none accountability regarding the smoking industries liability. This is why I suspect that these three issues of Abortion, same sex and contraception are for fidelity to the party line.
Even though I can add some stuff to the Nixon thing I won’t. Anyone can do the research and can come up with their own opinions. I’m tired so sorry for the typos

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