Antichrist is an ecumenist

Archbp. Fulton Sheen said the same thing in his time. “Anything that takes you from the Cross comes from the Evil One.”

Did the Cardinal aim his remarks at the Pope, as the article seems to imply?

Did the Cardinal aim his remarks at the Pope, as the article seems to imply

? Huh? I didn’t see that.

Me neither.

Excesses of ecumenism and a tendency to downplay the Cross of Christ reflect the spirit of the Antichrist, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi warned Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) and the leaders of the Roman Curia.

But he wasn’t directing that comment to the Pope on a personal basis. What I got out of it is that he is telling the Church to back off on ecumenism and to stick to Catholicism instead of getting caught up in the ecumenical wave that downgrades our Catholic religion.

Huh. I don’t get that either. I don’t think he’s against ecumenism. I think he doesn’t think it should be to the detriment of the Cross of Christ. I think he’s against false ecumenism.

Yes, maybe I should have said “false” ecumenism. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Well, that would be Uncle Christ, no? :thumbsup:

No more pictures, medic?

If you insist. he did describe the Antichrist as kind of a hippie.

Not funny, that’s the guy I shook hands with at my last NO. :smiley:

Well, they DO call it the sign of peace.

Hopefully the Holy Father will take the Cardinal’s words to heart. I noticed that place where the retreat is taking place has a more traditional altar in place. So, there are good signs. And hopefully the signs to Assisi III is no where to be found. :thumbsup:

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