AntiChrist Movie Petition

We’re grieved to tell you about one of the most vile movies of all time which is set to hit theaters next week. Read details here. If we even put the poster in this e-mail, you would be disgusted. With your help we can make a significant difference in stopping its impact.

Please sign the petition by clicking here to get this movie rated NC-17, which will limit it’s distribution.

That sounds seriously disgusting. I signed the petition for myself and my mom as well.
I love horror movies, and some of the horror movies I like have been a bit violent (I have a soft spot for zombie flicks:rolleyes:). But this movie makes flicks such as Saw and Hostel sound like Veggie Tales.

I thought this was a hoax at first, but this is an actual movie! :eek:

Will this petition actually work? My understanding was that movie companies voluntarily submit their films to the MPAA to be rated. I could be wrong, but I didn’t think the MPAA could thrust a rating onto a movie that hasn’t requested one from them.

This is not the kind of thing we want our children to observe.

I wasn’t planning on taking my kids to see it regardless of the rating. Movie ratings are not a substitute for common sense.

– Mark L. Chance.

Honestly, forget trying to force a rating on it. Someone should just start a petition to get it banned all together, that would seem more helpful.

Sounds less like a petition and more like a thinly-veiled sales pitch:

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Why, pray tell, would I want to support a non-Catholic movie guide (that in some cases has praised anti-Catholic Protestant movies like “Noel”) when our own Catholic Bishops Conference has its own film office doing much of the same work? Furthermore, why would I want to “reward” this movie with any more “free publicity”?

honestly I wouldn’t be all that upset with an R rating, because at least in that case they would have to cut out the extremely graphic scenes of the movie, which are in my opinion are some of the most disgusting things the human mind has ever conceived. I have not seen the movie but read an indepth description of the movie with an unfortunately graphic description of those specific scenes, and I have to say if you don’t know what they are, don’t try to find out. They are so disgusting I lost some faith in humanity when I read them.

However aside from the graphic scenes, apparently the whole message to the film is misogynistic and terrible. And then of course there’s a personal issue I have with it in that Von Trier (the director) dedicated the film to Andrei Tarkovsky, who in my mind is the greatest film director of all time, and someone I know for a fact would have vehemently hated the film.

Overall there is no good reason to see the movie obviously and anything we can do to limit the films impact is a good thing in my book.

that sounds like a horrible movie :frowning:

I actually and absolutely agree. I read the plot synopsis (if you would even call this movie’s story a ‘plot’) on wiki and, honestly, this stuff is grosser than Bible Black and The Machine Girl combined! DX All this sex and violence… for the sake of what? Absolutely nothing. (Invoking fear and trauma into your audience doesn’t count.)

Lorena Bobitt meets the Exorcist. :eek: Wonderful! :rolleyes: How fulfilling can one’s life be when their work is to create movies like this?

Good Lord. :frowning:
Do the people who write/direct these kinds of things walk among us? They need help.

It is interesting. Curiosity getting the better of me, I poked around a bit to find out about the movie. The writer/director of the movie suffers/suffered from an apparently debilitating case of depression, so bad that it delayed the movie. Of the film, he said, “The script was filmed and finished without much enthusiasm, made as it was using about half of my physical and intellectual capacity.”

It’s sad in a way. It’s not surprising to hear that such a movie was created in such an environment. It’s a macabre reflection of the guy’s serious problems. An undeniable and haunting indication of where life can go without God.

Thank You! Thank you for signing the petition to get ANTICHRIST rated NC-17.
Because of people like you, here’s what we accomplished together:
We were able to keep ANTICHRIST from being rated R, which would have given it complete access to every theater across the country. That is a huge victory. This past summer the MPAA gave the movie BRUNO an R rating when it clearly deserved NC-17 for the pornographic images.
Fearing an NC-17 rating, the ANTICHRIST producers pulled the movie from being rated and have released it as “Unrated.” The good news about that is many, many theaters will not show “unrated” movies. It will have a similar result that the NC-17 rating would have had in that regard. BUT, in the theaters (mostly “art house” type) which do show this vile movie, anyone of any age can walk in and see it.
Fortunately, young children don’t traffic into art houses but there’s nothing stopping them.
Worse, however, it will be shown on cable systems. The cable system Showtime is showing the abhorrent pedophile, child rape movie HOUNDDOG, which we stopped at the theaters.
Finally, without the NC-17, the distributors have the power to show it at schools and to sell it to anyone. This is very serious because there are many loony teachers who may show it, and without the NC-17, parents will have little credibility to stop it. Of course, there will also be many curious teenagers who will rent it.
The ANTICHRIST petition is part of an ongoing campaign to get a standards based system in place with the MPAA. ANTICHRIST proves that the MPAA is not an effective regulatory group if any movie wants to opt out of being rated. Knowing there are good people like you standing with us, we will continue the fight.
We appreciate you and your effort to protect the eyes of children.

I wish the film could be banned outright-Ive heard of people who cant even get certain scenes from the movie out of their minds. Surely this means this disgusting film is emotionally harmful to people?

sounds like it. i’d hate to have anything like that burned onto my memory.

something that violent, evil, and sordid can not possibly be good for a person’s emotional health.

Joe 5859 said it well : **It’s a macabre reflection of the guy’s serious problems. An undeniable and haunting indication of where life can go without God. **

I just have to say that it really is just disgusting that they a movie like this.:eek:

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