Antidepressants and antianxiety meds

Is it wrong to use these meds? Some might say you can overcome anything with the help of God and while i believe that and tried it this passed week, i ended up going through withdrawal and needing more meds. I wanted to put my full heart, soul and trust in God but the painful withdrawal symptoms took over and won. I feel like a failure.

Do what your doctor tells you. You must do exactly as prescrbed. Do not modify dosage in any way, and never discontinue without your doctors advice. Some meds can have terrible side effects if abruptly withdrawn. God created your physician. Trust, and be patient.


Is it wrong to use any meds? Sometimes God helps us overcome things by giving us skilled and caring doctors and scientists to create medicines that help with physical problems - including those that can lead to depression and anxiety.

I use eye glasses to see. I use allergy medicine to stop the improper immune reaction my body has to some substances. I use antibiotics when I have a bacterial infection. This doesn’t mean I don’t trust God or that I need to try to overcome them with God’s help. God’s provided help through science and by accepting it, I’m able to better serve those around me. To me, meds for depression and anxiety are the same thing. :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: I agree. Mental illness is a medical condition that merits just as much attention as any physical problem.

I struggle with the same question. I went off meds several years ago without my doctor’s permission. It seemed like a good idea at first but later I ran into trouble. Now I am back on a different medication that seems even better than the ones I was on before.

I look at this way. Jesus healed the sick. He cured the dying, cast out demons and more. Then He gave authority to the Disciples to do the same. And they were human. God gave many skills to His children. Doctors were giving skills to Help mankind in their bodies, and minds. (Which is a very good thing) Some things can be cured but other illnesses need help to make you feel better. Oh, one more thing. They had Physicians and medicine during Jesus’s time. Although crude was supposed to aid and assist. Jesus never said nor is it in the Bible that we are suppose to use our minds to cure illnesses. My Aunt and Cousin didn’t use their minds to cure their cancers. Chemo and radiation did. Mental illnesses need meds as much as physical illnesses. There is nothing wrong with taking medicine for whatever ails you. Please keep taking your medicine for whatever. I do. (anti-anxiety and physical) God Bless you, Sheila. I will pray you feel better soon. :slight_smile:


I think they are generally overused and overprescribed in society today, but it’s certainly not a sin to use them as prescribed. It’s always wise to try lifestyle changes first, in my opinion, such as improving diet and increasing exercise.

As one person stated, never suddenly stop these types of meds, it’s dangerous.

I have a good friend who is on zoloft. I remember when she tried to quit it, she became very stressed over the state of the world, she and her husband are conservative political junkies, he worse than her. She would really get wound up and negative on our walks, it was a big downer. I was happy when she got back on the meds! She was too!

Is there a support organisation in the area you live that helps with mental health issues? There is in UK and they try to ‘teach’ people how to manage their depression without tablets. My priest has helped me enormously and yeh I get depressed or as he says, low days, and I refused tablets from day one already being involved in the local mental health organisations. With support you can learn how to manage without them and there will be times it feels very tough, hence the support and someone to turn to when you just can’t take it anymore feeling before you get there ideally. I have always rejected antidepressents and it helps that my blood dissorder does not allow for them anyway. But you need to have a very good support system in place and the organisations will help you achieve that but please ask your doctor for local information on local organisations. I know most doctors in England be more than delighted at someone wanting to stop medication because they aren’t a long term answer. But you have to have everybody on your side to help you thru and only fall back at trustworthy advice. They aren’t the long term answer whatever anyone says but you got to work with people to manage everything. Ask the doctor for local organisations that will help you address what the real issues are etc.

Are you using them in accordance with a doctor’s advice and not abusing them?

If not, I think you’re okay.

Consider, too, that medication, counselors, doctors, psychologists, and psychologists are also gifts from God! Look at St. Luke…who was, himself, also a physician! There’s nothing wrong with utilizing these wonderful gifts God has given us!

These are medicines. Even the Vatican has a pharmacy. It has become obvious that even though external factors can contribute to developing symptoms that require such treatment, the treatment is still necessary. Only your doctor and therapist can evaluate your condition and provide the proper medications. It’s like telling a diabetic ‘you don’t need insulin’ when you really do. Yes, getting closer to God and believing He can help you is true and right, but we are told in the Bible that each of us will go through trials. You have not failed. Even Jesus mentions physician in the Bible, so doctors are doing God’s work as well.


I agree with this, and when medication does not work as wanted, the docs tend to up the dose or add something else. I looked a friend’s meds up in the PDR one time and found the combination almost guaranteed liver poisoning.

Now both antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs were mentioned. I’ll give my opinion on both, but I am not a medical professional of any kind. Most antidepressants are SSRIs and I am pretty much against those because they come with so many side effects. There is also an addictive component to them that is not well understood. People who’ve stopped them sometimes report having “flu” for about a week.

The anti anxiety drugs tend to be benzodiazepines. These are all strongly addictive and yet doctors will prescribe them for people to take several times per day everyday for as long as they want. Pretty soon the person develops a tolerance to the drug (a sign of addiction), and the docs just up the dose. If someone on a strong long term daily dose quits suddenly the withdrawal can kill them.

That being said I am for the use of benzodiazepine drugs on short term and intermittent basis. In other words one might take one or two pills per week on their worst days, but should always be learning to cope through cognitive work as well as of course spiritual work.

Those people who say “you can overcome anything…” are a word that would get me an infraction or banned. I’d be divorced, or a drunk, or in jail, or dead, or all of the above and have no relationship with God it not for the meds that I am on that help me deal with my PTSD and depression. I suggest you talk with your doctor and your priest about your concerns.

You’ve probably read this story/joke before, it comes in slightly different forms:

This being said, whether or not to use medication depends very much on the situation of the person and on other factors that would favor or not favor it.

Myself I was on prozac for many years, and in the beginning I also talked with a priest because I had some (slightly different) concerns.
I have been off it for a long time now and I am glad about that, but a lot of factors played a role.
At the time it helped me a lot and I am glad for it.

Or I have a physical condition that I have decided to bear/overcome without what doctors often prescribe for it, also because of side effects and because it may not be good to use over a long period.
Again, other reasons that feeling it would be a lack of trust in God.

Otherwise a diabetic might say that God will regulate his insulin without him taking the shots or whatever it is he needs to take. Now that would be wrong, right?


We each have our own body chemistry. One person will respond well to one drug while another won’t or it will not be effective for some. Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives out there so people with the same condition may be on different meds.


Ideally not, but for some people it is a lifelong issue and they will always require medication.

God gave humans the gift of reason to realise when Nature is not doing its job properly.

Once we accept that our bodies are imperfect (at any age) then we must be open to help from the medical profession.

From my own experience depression is not always just bodily misfunction. It can sometimes be asign that our learnt way of behaving/thinking is flawed in some way and we need to question some of our assumed values.

For example, as others have stated, assuming “that we can overcome anything” looks to be flawed if we turn it into an absolute. We are not failures just because we cannot do what we want to do or have what we want to have.

Maybe we are overdoing it and need to let go and learn to trust our friends, society, God a little more wrt the future.

But above all, do what the experts ask you to do if it is reasonable and people you trust believe it is reasonable. You may also find much help in sessions with a Clinical Psychologist who can help tidy up the “mental baggage” and mistaken “values” we all carry. Your GP is the person to talk to re such a referral.

Good luck, there is hope and light.

I have suffered from crippling anxiety since I was very young. After it almost killed me in high school, I thanked God that I was able to find the right medicine. I am thankful everyday because I could simply not leave the house without it. If I miss one night of it I scream all night with night terrors. Once I did not have it for days and the withdraws were scary. I know mine is a medical condition and God has lead me to the help I need. Don’t think twice about taking your meds.

I don’t think it is wrong. I wonder though if some in the church think it is. My priest, while a good priest, often talks about how Americans are so depressed, and he thinks most people usethis to fill a void God should be filling. He says this in a lot of homilies. I hope what he means though is that too many use them, but I don’t know. He might have not dealt with many who are seriously depressed or anxious.

As a boy, I remember seeing herbs in clear glass, shallow bowls at my local pharmacy in the window. I’m not recommending herbs to anybody, I’m just pointing out that early medicines came from plants: bark, leaves, roots, flowers. Originally, aspirin came from the bark of the Willow tree.

Sorry for going off topic. Today, do what your doctor tells you. I’ve experienced anxiety and depression firsthand. It’s crippling. Get help.


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