Antigay activist took trip with male 'assistant'

From the Miami Herald:

A nationally known antigay psychologist who testified for the state in its defense of Florida’s gay-adoption ban recently took a trip to Europe with a gay male prostitute from Miami who advertised himself online.

George A. Rekers – an officer of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) and a retired University of South Carolina professor – hired the young escort known as Geo on , a gay-sex website.

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If this guy wasn’t so pathetic, this would be hysterically funny.

Didn’t Shakespeare say something about “protesting too much?” There’s a very good reason why hate and fear are kissing cousins.


Kinda messes with their credibility on the issue now doesn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t mean their message is wrong but as you say it definitely blows their credibility.

It goes with the original non-political definition of homophobia. The people that fight gays the hardest are as often as not fighting against their own inner demons that compel them toward acts of homosexuality.

George Rekers is a particularly nasty piece of work though. He’s what you might call a “Professional False Witness”, commanding $20,000 a day or more to testify in court against homosexuals being allowed to adopt, or even keep custody of, children.

In January 2005, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Timothy White … called Rekers’ testimony “extremely suspect.” He also accused Rekers of testifying solely for promoting his “own personal agenda.”

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Cindy Lederman … said “Dr. Rekers’ testimony was far from a neutral and unbiased recitation of the relevant scientific evidence. Dr. Rekers’ beliefs are motivated by his strong ideological and theological convictions that are not consistent with the science. Based on his testimony and demeanor at trial, the court can not consider his testimony to be credible nor worthy of forming the basis of public policy.”

Lederman may have been put off by the fact that Rekers said based on “research,” a case could be made for banning Native Americans from adopting children.

Rekers himself adopted a boy now the same age as his “companion” some four years ago.

His books advocate the psychological and physical torture of “pre-gay” kids to “straighten them out”. They sell very well indeed. He used to practice what he preaches too, and was very, very well paid for it.

Parents who brought their children to Rekers had to agree to participate in the “curing” of them. “Kraig,” a four-year-old who participated in the UCLA Feminine Boy Project, was also monitored in the clinic’s play-observation room. Only this time, it was his mother who wore the bug-in-the-ear, listening for her behavioral cues from the folks behind the wall. While playing, “Kraig would have seen her suddenly jerk upright, and look away from him toward the one-way window,” Burke reports (based on transcripts of his case):

His mother was being prompted, through the earphones, by the doctor. She was told to completely ignore him, because he was engaged in feminine play. Kraig would have no understanding of what was happening to his mother. On one such occasion, his distress was such that he began to scream, but his mother just looked away. His anxiety increased, and he did whatever he could to get her to respond to him, but she just looked away. She must have seemed like a stranger to have changed her behavior toward him so suddenly and for no apparent reason . . . He was described as being in a panic, alternating between sobs and “aggressing at her,” but again, when his distraught mother finally looked at him and began to respond, she stopped mid-sentence and abruptly turned away, as if he were not there. Kraig became so hysterical, and his mother so uncomfortable, that one of the clinicians had to enter and take Kraig, screaming, from the room.

Kraig’s treatment continued in this vein. He was also put on the “token system” at home. Inappropriate, feminine behaviors earned him a red token, masculine ones, a blue token. Each red token earned him a spanking from his father. After more than two years of treatment, Kraig’s behavior had turned around. He was now described by his mother as a “rough neck,” and he no longer cared if his hair was neat or his clothes matched. But when he was eighteen, after years of being held up (under a pseudonym) by Rekers as “the poster boy for behavioral treatment of boyhood effeminacy,” Kraig attempted suicide, because he thought that he might be gay.

Some of the results of his testimony and publications:

In 2000, a six-year-old child was taken away from loving parents for “exacerbating a mental disorder.” The “disorder?” Aurora Lipscomb told her parents she was not a boy but was a girl, and her parents supported her decision to live as a girl. Because her parents “exacerbated” her “gender identity disorder” the court took Aurora from loving parents and put her in a household where for four years she was forced to live as a Christian boy rather than a Jewish girl.

That was in 2000, in the USA. Not Spain in 694, where “Jewish children over seven years of age were taken from their parents and similarly dealt with in 694.”.

Just do a search on this site for the word “Rekers”

Find out just how extensively this “expert” has been quoted by people who didn’t know any better. And how many have attempted to show his mendacity, and have been castigated for that.

If you want copies of his “work”, better hurry. He’s already been scrubbed in true 1984 fashion from the University of South Carolina, from Leadership U and a few other places.

Focus on the Family professes now to have never heard of him, that they’ve had no contact with him for ten years, and were not aware of his activities - including his widely publicised court appearances as an expert witness, nor his authorship of a publication they were recommending two weeks ago, one sent to all school principals in the country.

NARTH still has him, as to remove everything he’d been involved with for them would leave their data looking like a swiss cheese.

Rekers’ views on family life were the focus of a major controversy in Florida in 2002 when then-governor Jeb Bush appointed Jerry Regier to the post of head of the Florida Department of Children and Families with responsibility for child welfare. Shortly after the announcement of Regier’s appointment, it was disclosed that in 1989 the California-based Coalition on Revival had published a fundamentalist tract titled The Christian World View of the Family under the names of Regier and Rekers, which condemned working mothers as being in “bondage” and argued that the government should have no right to place children in protective custody except in cases of extreme abuse or neglect. The tract’s authors also “affirm that Biblical spanking may cause temporary and superficial bruises or welts that do not constitute child abuse”…

  1. We affirm that Biblical spanking may cause temporary and superficial bruises or welts that do not constitute child abuse, but that proven brutality to a child resulting in permanent disfigurement or serious injury should be punished by law (Exodus 21:23,24; Proverbs 13:24; 22:15; 23:13,14).
    Edited by Dr. George Rekers, Ph.D., Chairman; Jerry Regier, M.A.B.S., Co-Chairman; With contributions by members of the Family Committee of The Coalition on Revival; Dr. Jay Grimstead, General Editor; E. Calvin Beisner, M.A., Assistant to the General Editor

I’m sorry, but this is just too sad.


A recent article in an alternative newspaper cleverly gave false impressions of inappropriate behavior because of its misleading innuendo, incorrectly implying that Professor George Rekers used the Rentboy website to hire a prostitute to accompany him on a recent trip. Contrary to Internet stories based on this slanderous article, following medical advice Professor George Rekers requires an assistant to lift his luggage in his travels because of an ongoing condition following surgery. His family, local friends, and even another university professor colleague have offered to accompany him on trips to assist him in his travel. Dr. Rekers found his recent travel assistant by interviewing different people who might be able to help, and did not even find out about his travel assistant’s Internet advertisements offering prostitution activity until after the trip was in progress. There was nothing inappropriate with this relationship. Professor Rekers was not involved in any illegal or sexual behavior with his travel assistant."*

I have just a few observations.

1.Since when is the Miami Herald an alternative paper?

  1. Has this man never heard of a bell hop at a hotel, or a sky cap at the airport?

  2. If he had all those volunteers to accompany him on trips, why did he hire someone?

Surely this guy can’t believe people are buying this stuff.

Why not? It’s no worse than what NARTH usually peddles as fact.

In an adoption case he testified in, it clearly states:

Homosexual, for the purposes of this rule, shall mean any person who voluntarily and knowingly engages in or submits to any sexual contact involving the genitals of one person and the mouth or anus of another person of the same gender…

George Alan Rickers merely had his genitals and anal area manually fondled for an hour a day by a nude, firm-bodied rentboy. There was no oral contact, so according to a law Dr Rekers must be intimately familiar with, he’s not Gay at all. Just a fine upstanding (VERY upstanding according to his masseur) Christian Gentleman, who’s very, very straight indeed. Yes siree. Completely straight.

Because if he wasn’t, he’d be one of those awful Gays. And that is unthinkable to him.

Dr Rekers has now resigned from NARTH.

They’re frantically scrubbing their website of all articles by him now.

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