Antiphon... Invitatory?


I’m trying to learn the Divine office. I’ve read that it is best to start small & work my way up. It’s recommended to start with Morning & Evening prayer.

Well, I’m having trouble with the Invititary & it’s Antiphon.

I bought the single volume “Christian Prayer,” I’ve downloaded iBreviary, & I’ve bookmarked Universalis. I’ve gone through them hoping I could “set up” the days prayer, but they all come up different. Especially the antiphon of the Invititary.

I understand I’ve got the option of four Psalms, so I understand the difference there & can figure out that one version chose one Psalm where another version used another.

But the antiphon. Here’s a link to another site that plays recordings of the day’s Offices. I don’t know where they got the hymn from, or the antiphon. This link is for morning prayer, not the Invitatory, but it’s the same issue. The recording doesn’t match my volume of Christian Prayer, which doesn’t match iBreviary, which doesn’t match Universalis.

Anyone got any tips?


I am just starting here today with my Christian Prayer book as well. I got the guide and just go with that. You don’t have to do the Invitatory from what I understand. On my kindle if I wanted to do it first I had to click a separate page. The Antiphons are there I believe if I saw right. I’m just worried about doing the wrong readings on the wrong day when it is not a “normal” day but something special like a feast, memorial, etc. but I guess that’s where the Guide comes in.


Always check the guide. There may be a “proper” antiphon for the day that differs from the one printed with the Psalms. Also, depending on the options you choose, you may have choices for invitatory antiphons as well. Christian Prayer sometimes lists the starting page as one thing, but you have to flip backwards a page to find the antiphon.

iBreviary and are good ways to learn. Nothing against Universalis, either, but it’s the European English translation — slightly different than the American translation.


The hymns are suggested but not set; you only need one that fits the ‘theme’ of the hour. Many online sources have a limited selection because of copyright issues.


I now only have Shorter Christian Prayer, and the 4 volume set.

I suspect that you may have information in the begginning of your book; SCP does.

The Introduction is the same every day (Lord, open my Lips…)

the next notes set out which Psalms may be substituted for Psalm 95.

It then sets out the Antiphon, based on Weeks 1 & 3, or each day of the week; then sets out the Antiphon for
weeks 2 & 4, for each day. It also sets out Andtiphons for Advent, with they days of use; Christmas Season, ryv, onvlufinh celebration of the BVM on Saturday.

I would presume your Christian Prayer sets out the same.

Also CP will have more feast days than SCP, so you may use the feast day in lace of the regular day, as you may wish.

I would think that if you do a bit more exploring through CP, you may find what you are looking for.

Hang in there. When I went to seminary in college, I was in the Minors (4 years of high school and 2 of college made up the Minors) and we all met before Mass and said Morning Prayer from a paperback called Morning Praise and Evensong. It took me several weeks to begin to figure out which way was up, and longer to become comfortable with it. 53 years later, I still miss saying it in community.


Probably they have a seperate recording for the invitatory (like and a seperate page for the invitatory since it is prayed at the beginning of one’s own prayer (whether it be Lauds or OR)


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