What is an Antipope verses a pope?


An antipope is a false pope. They will claim power for a variety of reasons. There’s a few antipopes out there today actually.


at the above website a list of popes and antipopes are displayed with regard to the Malachy prophesy.


Here’s a bit of trivia: The first anti-pope was Saint Hippolytus of Rome. That’s right, Saint. He was eventually reconciled with the real pope, St. Pontianus, who was the first pope to resign. Both were martyred around 235 A.D.



If an antipope ever shook hands with a real Pope, would they annihilate each other in a massive explosion?

Oh wait–that’s antimatter.

(Sorry. Back in my hole.)



DAVE! You make me smile :smiley: !!! Thank YOU!!!

Can anyone explain the Malachy phrophesies? I understand they are from and Irish Saint?


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