Antique Engagement Rings?


Anyone know of a good website that could educate an amature on antique engagment rings? I have no clue about jewler lingo nor quality. Thanks! :smiley:


Good idea on looking for antiques. I am not engaged but I wear my great grandmother engagement ring. I get compliments on it all the time about how beautiful it is. It’s not like the engagement rings today were it’s all about the bling. It’s just beautiful craftmenship that lets the small diamonds shine. And people notice!


Nice! Any idea where to look and what would be a fair price as opposed to getting a ring which has been marked up 400% (I hear this is very common with jewlery)?


You should read “How to Buy a Diamond.” Even if you filter some of his opinions about the quality in which you end up purchasing (which can get pretty expensive, fast) you can at least decide with the information he gives you about what to look for and determine what is important to you when purchasing your diamond. Cut, color, clarity and carat.

Something to think about is that all diamonds are ‘antiques’ in the sense that they are pieces of rock that have been around for millions of years. If you want to buy an unset diamond(s) and then have it set in an antique STYLE, that might be your best bet–I have heard two different stories of girls picking out and/or receiving an ‘antique’ diamond ring–really just a ring from the 40’s or 50’s–and the diamonds coming loose and out of their setting. Unless you bond the diamond you buy (which I highly recommend), this means you’ve just kissed your major purchase (and possibly a sacramental if you’re already married when this happens), goodbye. So make sure it’s bonded!!!

Also, the book will give you some purchasing tips and will recommend getting a diamond which has been appraised by an accredited gem appraiser, which you can choose to do or not do–those which are certified as to their cut, color, clarity, carat, etc. are more expensive but you’re assured the quality that way.


I am not sure what you mean by an “antique engagement ring”. Antique technically means something over 100 years old. Diamond engagement rings didn’t become common until probably the 1930s or later. So if you are looking for an antique engagement ring, you would probably be looking for rings from the 1940s and 1950s.

Furthermore, most women won’t get rid of an engagement ring unless they get divorced (and divorce only became big in the 1960s and 1970s). Usually daughters or other female relatives inherit a mother or family member’s jewelry, at which point they may have the stones re-set in a newer setting (yellow gold instead of platinum, a pendant rather than a ring…) There are older diamond rings around and pre-owned stones. My BIL bought his wife a “used” diamond which they had re-set. You should learn about diamonds (cut, clarity, cut, and color) and get to know very reputable jewelers who sell “antique” or pre-owned jewelry and start seeing what is available. But like anything used, there is not a lot of choice and the styles can be very dated.


Once you’ve researched, ebay is a good resource.


Just be careful with those things. My stepfather bought one for my mom and the diamond fell out. She was devistated.


By antique I mean something you can get in an antique store. If you cannot tell, I am totally oblivious to this whole jewelery culture. It is all Greek to me! So maybe instead of “antique” what I mean is “antique style”. Perhaps it has a different name like “art deco” or something… (I saw that word when searching antique rings on the net). Anyway, I really appreciate everyones advice.

Princess Abby,

If I go the antique route I will def. look into bonding. Thanks so much!:slight_smile:


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