Anton Bruckner

I wish more and more that Wagner Harmonies had become standard in much Religious music, even hymns in Protestant Churches. The way Anton Bruckner approached Wagner Harmonies is unparalleled. His symphonies are breath-taking, especially from the 3rd on. At the site below, if you listen for a couple minutes, you will get an idea of what these Wagner Harmonies sound like, and how they can be applied to Holy Music. Bruckner’s final and unfinished 9th symphonies is devoted to ‘The Lord’.

I have sung a few Bruckner motets with my cathedral choir.
“Locus iste”, “Tota pulchra est” and “Christus factus est”.

The music playing on your link is his “Ecce Sacerdos Magnum” which we practiced for the installation of a new bishop who overuled the choice. I think it’s a great piece.

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