Antonio Soler

Has anyone heard the music of this (Priest;Monk) composer?
I discovered him for the first time on radio station, and was very impressed.

Here’s a Naxos link where you can listen to his music: I think it’s set to his harpsichoard music (you’ll have to join, but it’s free)

(Have you ever heard the Tallis Scholars? They record a cappella early Church music by Thomas Tallis and other composers. It’s wonderful.)

I think his most famous/familiar piece is his “Fandango” for solo harpsichord but yes, Naxos has the whole series of Harpsichord Sonatas on like a 10 CD series that is extremely reasonably priced and very good. He has other works but I’d have to check a list for the other famous ones, can’t remember the others at the moment :slight_smile:

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