Antonym of Sin


What is the antonym of sin? Would it be virtue or sinless? It seems that sin is negative, sinless is neutral, and virtue is positive?





St. Augutine writes “sin is a word, or a desire contrary to the eternal Law”.

Therefore, ‘obediance’ is a word, or a desire ‘not’ contrary to the eternal Law".

Obedience seems to work in terms of being obedient to God. However, obedience has a broader meaning than does sin. A person can be obedient and also sin if he/she were doing something contrary to God (e.g., obedient to a knowingly bad teaching). If a person sins, he/she is doing something contrary to God. So, the meaning of obedience is not as precise as the theological term sin. The closest theological term that I can determine as an antonym of sin is virtue.

Lets take a look were the two lead.

Sin leads to un-holiness.
Virtue leads to holiness.
Holiness is the opposite of un-holiness.
Thus, virtue is the opposite of sin. (maybe)

I’m just trying to determine what the most precise theological antonym for sin is. Virtue is the closest, I think, yet.

Any other suggestions?



I vote for “love”. I read somewhere (or heard it in a sermon, maybe) that all sin comes from a lack ,or absence, of love.


Thats it…duh (on my part).

God is Love
devil is sin
God is extremly opposite of the devil
Love is opposite of sin

Thats it…I’m pretty sure.

Thanks, :thumbsup:

God bless you.


We can be in sin.
We can be in love.

It has a certain poetic justice to it.



I have to disagree with this. God cannot be extremely the opposite of any of His creations. God is pure good. There cannot be anything that is pure evil because everything is created by God and, therefore, has some goodness in it. Therefore, nothing is the opposite of God, so God is the opposite of nothing.


Okay. Thats reasonable. Any suggestions then? :shrug:


The answer is grace. Mary is Full of Grace ie. sinless.(Immaculate Conception).:wink: No Room for sin. Sin is opposite of grace.State of sin vs. state of grace.


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