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My husband has been going through the Anulment process for almost 2 years now. He has been going to RCIA all this time in the hope that his first marriage can be annulled, we can then get remarried in the Church and he can become a Catholic.

His petition has been delayed a lot by the fact that his ex wife has refused to cooperate with the process. First, she asked to be paid for her testimony. When told that was impossible, she then stalled for months before finally refusing to give a statement.

When the Acts of the case were published in April this year, she got a letter telling her that both parties had a right to view them. We got the same letter. She then said she wanted to see my husbands statement. We were not happy with her seeing it since she had refused to provide one herself, however our advocate persuaded us to allow this.

After 3 months of stalling and delays ( ex lives in a different country, so communication with her has not always been easy) we’ve now just been told she has seen my husbands statement and now wants to write her own. We are very upset by this, as it means she will be writing it with prior knowledge of what my husband has said, therefore judicially prejudicing him, as he wrote his statement without seeing anything from her.

Our advocate has told us they have agreed to this and sent her the paperwork for the statement. We feel strongly that this should not be allowed, especially since she was given multiple opportunities to testify before, and refused. We are angry that this will cause us further delays in a petition which has been going on almost 2 years now.

His ex wife is from a very anti Catholic Family and can have no motivation other than to prevent the process of him being Catholic. They have already been divorced for 13 years, so it’s not as if she is trying to save the marriage. She is not Catholic either.

What can we do here? Is our Advocate correct in saying that we must allow her to make a statement, even at this point? He says if we don’t permit it then she could complain to the Vatican and our petition will be delayed even further.

Thoughts please? Anyone have any advice on this?


Your husband’s advocate appears to be giving him good advice. Your husband will also have a right to view her testimony—if he finds something that concerns him, he can inquire about filing a supplement to his testimony.

However, the nullity process is not a finger-pointing exercise in the way a divorce can be. It’s not wise to stoop to that level.

Witnesses will also have to give statements that will shed light on both parties’ testimonies. Unfortunately, it takes time, but an appeal to Rome on her part would take much, much longer.


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