Anunnaki - When the sons of Gods came in unto the daughters of men. - Aliens?

I could not understand that verse about the sons of God, could they be those giants?
It is known that Goliath was tall but he did not belong to the race of those giants.
What is known to science about those giants?

Ok, first thing I want to comment about is this. The word -Anunnaki- is not used in the Bible. Also, the Giants even to this day are not considered Anunnaki. They are the offspring of the Fallen Angels! The name the Bible gives this race is -Nephilim- Also, yes… The Bible does tell us that Goliath was part of this race. Just because he was in the Palestinian Army, that did not make him a Palestinian. I believe that is where some people are misled. The sons (The Fallen) of God, (not Gods) laid with the daughter of man.

" Offspring " of fallen angels?
I never heard about that :thinking:

Angels: All of the earliest sources interpret the “sons of God” as angels. From the third century BCE onwards, references are found in the Enochic literature, the Dead Sea Scrolls (the Genesis Apocryphon, the Damascus Document, 4Q180), Jubilees, the Testament of Reuben, 2 Baruch, Josephus, and the book of Jude (compare with 2 Peter 2). This is also the meaning of the only two identical occurrences of bene ha elohim in the Hebrew Bible (Job 1:6 and 2:1), and of the most closely related expressions (refer to the list above). In the Septuagint, the interpretive reading “angels” is found in Codex Alexandrinus, one of four main witnesses to the Greek text.

I know what your thinking but, it’s not the first time the Bible refers to Angels being in physical form. =
Sodom.and and Gomorrah. Btw, you will find in Genesis, the men of renown. = Nephilim…
Also, and that is why the Lord decided to flood the Earth. To rid it from the abolishment. He did not create them and they were monsters.

Ooops, I meant to say - abomination.

Can someone move this thread over to Sacred Scripture please?

St. Augustine, Chrysostom, and Cyril of Alexandria suggested that the “sons of God” may refer to righteous descendants (men) of Seth who took descendants (women) of Cain as wives.

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As do Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins.

Such an interpretation seems false and inconsistent because the word is not used the same way anywhere else. Also the giants, being a child of righteous humans does not make you and all your descendants into physically massive beings.

Goliath may have been a descendant of the nephilim:

Well you are entitled to your opinion, but I take the early Church fathers’ opinion over yours any day! Also, angels are spirits so that can never be a valid interpretation.

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Again, then you need to refer to Sodom and Gomorrah. The 2 angels that entered the cities entered as physical beings. Why is it so hard for people to rub their head around this? God’s angels are very powerful. Jesus descended to heaven in his physical form, in Revelation it talks about Paul measuring heaven with a cubic. Basically being taken to heaven in his physical form. Although is a heavenly place that does not mean that it necessarily has to be 100% a spiritual place. Technically the word “Alien” isn’t that far out of context. What does that word mean to us? It means - not from Earth - oh yeah, one more. The two witnesses were taken to heaven in their physical form and live today. As they will return the second coming of Christ!

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It is a fake

Angels are immortal and spiritual beings, with an intelligence and will superior to ours. This has always been the position of the Church and is more clearly stated by St Thomas Aquinas. Your interpretation that they are physical beings is just that, your interpretation of those Bible passages and not a literal assertion. I am not interested in a debate, I would just point out the Angel Raphael’s words: ‘Even though you saw me eat and drink, I did not eat or drink anything; what you were seeing was a vision.’ - Tobit 12:19

I thought Scripture was pretty clear that angels, though spiritual beings, could assume a physical form. Like someone pointed out above about the two men (angels) in Sodom and Gomorrah, but also the apostle Paul (or was it Peter?) tells us not to neglect hospitality, for by doing so some have entertained angels unawares.

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