Anxiety about going to Mass


I’ve been experiencing severe anxiety as of late, generally revolving around going to Mass and Jesus returning when i’m not in a state of grace. Would I incur Mortal Sin for missing Mass due to anxiety? (or having an anxiety attack?)


Talk to your pastor about your anxiety and its spiritual manifestations.

Please get into counseling/therapy for anxiety if you are not already and speak to your doctor about it as well.


That depends a bit on how such anxiety attack looks like; with a severe one it might qualify as medical problem avoiding the sin of missing mass.

But minimum for it not being sin is that you try to do somthing about the problem (also talk to your priest about it), that you go to mass when the attack is not severe and that when you go to confession next time you mention it there.


I forgot to mention that when i have intrusive thoughts, i go through a ritual to dispel the anxiety and when i can’t, i’m prone to dry-heave. How distracting would it be?


If it is this serious, you need to discuss your obligations with your priest and also discuss your symptoms with your doctor. If you don’t have a psychologist or psychiatrist, your doctor should be able to refer you to one.


This is not a spiritual or theological issue for you but rather. Medical one. The only real advise strangers on the internet can give you is too seek medical help.


Yes. Please seek medical care. Be assured of our prayers.


I’m in the same boat you are. :console: Mass and Church related things cause me tremendous anxiety at times. Yes your first step is to make an appointment with your pastor, and ask him if he knows a good therapist to help you deal with some of these anxiety issues. Also at this appointment be sure to ask your priest about mass obligation on your bad days. If you are anything like me you have good days and bad days. I push through as many bad days as I can but it’s just not always possible. God understands our limitations. I always mention missing mass at my next confession making sure to tell the priest it was due to my anxiety issues. I’ve never once heard him say it was a mortal sin under these circumstances. :slight_smile: Now if you don’t suffer health issues and just decide to go to a football game instead of mass, then we have a serious problem. ;). But that’s not at all your problem so have no fear in bringing this to your pastor and let him guide you from there. :slight_smile: :hug1:

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